Friday, January 12, 2018

The Racism of Shit Hole is against Caucasians

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I refuse to be pulled into the Shit Hole diversion, but instead choose to point out the idiotry of the left in calling Donald Trump a racist against Negroids over the term Shit Hole, because the term is based in the Clinton Eastwood movie, Unforgiven, and it was directed not at Negroids, but against Whites.

Gunfight at Greeley's shithole - YouTube

Clint Eastwood brings the thunder! :D Taken from the movie Unforgiven

In the exact scenario, Gene Hackman who is white in a white town, beat to death Morgan Freeman over questioning in the murder of a White cowboy, who Clint Eastwood actually shot for bounty, as a duo who cut up a White Whore, at the very saloon and brothel that Eastwood was directing the Shit Hole comment at.

Eastwood is enraged that the Shit Hole has put on display the corpse of his friend Freeman, so that is why Eastwood goes in and shoots all the murderers in the saloon and brothel of the police state.

So if Donald Trump did use the term Shit Hole, it would have been directed at the Whites who exploited the Blacks.

In understanding the reality, the reality is how assinine the liberals like Jimmy Kimmel are in calling Trump racist, because if he did use that term, it would have been directed at Whites, not any other races.

Apparently the Negroid marxist nations are not intelligent in being equally stupid as the White liberals who exploit them, as they do not know they are not White Shit Holes, and are instead Black Holes as in Calcutta which is the correct term.

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