Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Septic Trump Economy

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Late Breaking News!

Stock Market closes just over 26,000 for first time (Bloomberg News)

I will try if I have the time and energy to inquire on the stock market, but I wanted to post on the reality after the market topped 26,000 on January 17th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord. As I stated this is not a prediction, but simple Chicago economics in the reality that Americans are not getting the tax cuts, but the conglomerates and Wall Street are.
What you are witnessing with corporations handing out bonuses to employees is about TAX DEDUCTIONS not profits. It is about the infusion of their money's overseas, back into their investment structure.

Let me explain it this way, in when Obama prints up money like Trump has been doing on spending bills, it cheapens the dollar, causes inflation and makes things "cheap" as there is too much money.
When corporations start repatriating their cash cows from overseas, there is too much money again, but it does not make the dollar cheap, it makes stocks more expensive as too much money inflates stock prices, for a Trump Bubble from his Mnuchkin and Cohn tax breaks for the conglomerates.

In noting this, I expected the DOW to hit 30,000 easily in this money influx. Now on simple Milton Freidman logic, it is possible for the market to near 35,000 before this monetary influx runs it's course.
Lucre horders are afraid this will super heat the stock market. It will, but one must factor into this the next McConnell superheating of the economy on an infrastructure plan. This is a phase two.

The other phase in this is Mr. Donald Trump's foreign human traffick which is pouring into America, and taking American jobs, spiking welfare payments and infusing billions into thee economy. What Donald Trump just did and is doing is like pouring ether into an engine which should be running on gasoline. It will spike like a rocket, but it can not sustain that kind of fuel or currency burn as Donald Trump is NOT putting real Americans to work, lowering inflation by lowering energy costs. What Donald Trump needed to do via Rick Perry at DOE was build 100 coal fired power plants in America, dropping electric rates to 50 dollars per month for Americans and dropping gas prices to 1.00 per gallon. This would put around 5000 dollars into the average American's wallet again by deflation, and cause the kind of from the base up economic surge, which would be able to govern as in a governor on an engine, so millions of Americans would absorb that money being pumped into the stock market.

America does not have that as Mr. Trump has allowed HAARP to spike Arctic cold into America for record heating bills. Mr. Trump has sold coal to China not America and Mr. Trump is selling gas and oil to Europe, again not Americans so prices have spiked. This will rot his Wall Street recovery as it is top loaded and bottom unstable with all those goddamn foreign vermin he is bringing into America.

This economy will bust as it is designed to break America. In the meantime though on logical examination, the stock market has not even begun to rise yet. 35,000 is a reachable goal as when you mix Apple Curry Nigger slave labor with high prices charged, you will have a plantation economy which will garner a great deal of money for the conglomerates as this was set up.
Do not think of this in Reagan Trickle Down Economics, as it is not. This is not Obama rapine either for the rich. It is more akin to the Trump Sewer in it is overloading the septic system and is spilling out to contaminate the entire nation and most of the world with raw monetary sewage. There has to be a balance of working consumers absorbing record wealth, but what Trump has is record wealth generated by slave labor and a competition of the native specie Americans against Trump's Nigger class eating everything.
If you desire a good example of what America will become it is the Bush family creation of communist China eating every resource and driving up global prices. Trump's Niggers by John Kelly at Homeland with Nielsen will eat up everything in America in driving up prices in this competition and create an American Genocide.

There is not an economy. This is a ponzi scheme and unless it keeps being fed an infusion of record cash, the hyper inflation rots it to the bottom and it will collapse.

That I have not inquired on in any Pur dates and am only stating by the above realities and data that this Trump sewer economy is septic and it is polluting all with a contamination which only a bust will regulate.

One simply will run out of American land, homes an resources at some time, and once that happens it will be a shit hole like India or Indonesia. It would require some sort of massive spike again as in some type of lunar or planetary colonial mining to drive this to a new level, but that would mean production to offset the monetary growth, both of which are missing in this Trump cycle.

So it should be happy days are here again, unless the cartel pulls the plug, but this looks like what it has appeared before, in the globalists will drive this up, start a world war again, and in a massive slaughter and military diversion confiscate Russian and Chinese gold which have been horded. This was accomplished twice in the Genocide of Germany in World War I  and World War II. It will probably not be the moon or Mars, but Moscow and Peking gold vaults which will make the Trump toilet minted with golden faucets and shitters.

If I have time, I will inquire, but I have not a cent in the stock market, so none of this matters. What matters to me is looking out for the poor and the average sod with money, in protecting those classes in America, Europe and Oz, as no one is looking out for them or telling them the reality of what is taking place before their eyes.

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