Thursday, January 18, 2018

Your fortune in Trump Tax


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As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This is more of a bubble burster for those still deluding themselves that the Trump tax cuts are going to make them rich. I post this to prepare you for the reality of what you will experience.

 The recent passage of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act is another milestone for rural America. Virtually every American family will receive a tax cut, thanks to the bill. The standard deduction has been essentially doubled, as has the child tax credit, while tax rates in all brackets have been lowered. The number of people who need to itemize will be reduced — a result of the tax simplification that the bill achieves. Citrus farmers, brewer and vintners will see additional benefits.

Happy Days are here again according to the Daily Caller, but if you break this down in Trump tax in what you will really experience, you are not going to be pleased.

First off, most of you get a paycheck, where you have confiscated from you, your federal and state income taxes, social security and 401 k's.
First, nothing has changed in your state income tax withholding. Second nothing has changed in your social security. Third nothing has changed in your 401 k.

So secondly, you are saying, "Yeah but", I get my deduction doubled." Ok, but that does not come until you do your taxes in April 2019 AD in the year of our Lord. So no matter what you are promised for 2019, you are still paying for 2018 AD in the year of our Lord.

What did Trump tax accomplish for you? I post the genesis of this and will speak of htis in rounded terms so you can understand this.

So Obama tax is currently 15%. Let us just say that you clear 36,000 dollars a year which most of you do not. It is just easier to do this for people to understand at 3000 per month or 1500 per two week paycheck.

Under Obama you pay 225 dollars every two weeks in federal taxes at 15%.
Under Trump you pay 180 dollars every two weeks in federal taxes at 12%.

That is 45 dollars. Ask yourself what are you going to do with 45 dollars? That is 2 times out for pizza. That is a tank of gas. That is buying something the kid wants as you have 45 dollars for a moment in your pocket.

With Trumpflation which is skyrocketing as Mr. President talked down the dollar value for his Ivanka traders to China, so your gas prices spiked, that exta 90 dollars a month, simply will be eaten by grocery and maintenance price increases, so you are not going to have any extra money, especially as HAARP has been deliberately freezing America so Big Oil can make you buy propane and fuel oil in the poor.
It is a 1.40 for propane out in oil country. That is Obama prices.

So no one is going to notice a thing in their paychecks who are poor as 3% is nothing. At 18000 dollars take home, that is 22 dollars every two weeks, which is half a tank of gas. Zero benefit from Trump tax.

So it comes down to 2019 AD in the tax rebates, where you will get that returned to you, which the government confiscated and has been using. A few thousand dollars will be welcome, but by then the 2018 midterm elections are finished and that rebate will have people thinking, "Why is the damn regime stealing my money in the first place  making me feel cheap and low".

The Lame Cherry is simply informing you that no one is going to appreciate nor notice their Trump tax in 2018 as it is nothing in Trumpflation prices. I told you previously that this is Jew Street for Trump in Mnuchkin and Cohn handling you pennies as Shylock robs you of dollars with the other hand.
In comprehending this, do not expect happy days to be here again in any recovery. Conglomerates handing out bonuses are just tax deductions, so they do not have to pay those billions in taxes, but pass that 1000 dollar per employee cost onto your sugar, wifi and gas, so you end up paying that corporate cost.

If you want to delude yourself, continue on. If want to look at that fraud money pumping stock market as legitimate, go ahead. I have not inquired, but logic tells me that the market will hit over 30,000 with corporations being overloaded in money as that is what Mnuchkin and Cohn geared this to. The problem is in this Wall Street bubble that it will burst and the American economy will be in hell fire, and a world war will have to be generated to confiscate Eurasian wealth again.

This is not Reagan Kemp trickle down, but Trump Cohn piss up the rope taxes. You are being informed that nothing has changed. You will still be poor in 2018 AD in the year of your Lord, but will get a few thousand dollars in April 2019 AD which is your money in the first place. That few thousand is only half as half of that Obama was dishing out anyway.

That is the reality of Trump tax. Your fortune in Trump Tax is the same empty purse. I will remind you that Donald Trump PROMISED no one paid taxes under 50,000 dollars. That would have made a difference to Americans, this Trump tax will not.