Monday, January 22, 2018

The Sooper Problem Of Devin Nunes

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The problem with putting things in print, is that everyone knows your mistake. Take for example the Right Scoop featuring snoopermexican, now calling the damning memo prepared by Representative Nunes and, a publicity stunt.
Yes Nunes is so stupid, that he is going to create a memo that Adam Schiff, a #NeverTrumper democrat knows what is in it, and Schiff can come out and make Nunes out to be a fool, ruining Nunes and Trump too, now along with all the other Congressmen who were quoted about his document.

Nunes, who heads the powerful House intelligence community, put together the four-page memo based on intelligence the FBI showed him and a few of his staff, as well as Rep. Adam Schiff, the top Democrat on the committee.

Why Liberty Daily featured this meandering raw assessment from snoopermexican is a disappointment and only assists those who are of the deep state bringing down Donald Trump.

Adam Schiff and the democrats keeping their mouths  shut about this, gives absolute weight to this document as it is legitimate, and they do not want to be ruined in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord elections having their opponents play their lies over and over again.

Nunes refuses to release the memo to the FBI…

I mean, that’s weird right. Wouldn’t that be the point of the memo? It’s almost.. as if… the memo… might be… a publicity stunt…

No it is not weird if one is informed that the FBI under James Comey was involved in this. All of the Obama Clinton crooks are still involved in this, in positions of power from Andrew McCabe to Rob Rosenstein.

FBI Director Chris Wray has been involved in this cover up in not handing over documents to Congress for months. The documents only were produced when Contempt of Congress charges were threatened. Chris Wray has not proven himself to be an honest Director in this as he is protecting the FBI criminals, not Americans.
Added to this, Chris Wray's FBI just "lost" important data on two of his crooked agents in Strzok and Page, whose texts somehow by miracle, like NSA documents just vanished, but in the same time frame and packages Mike Flynn and Paul Manafort's last grocery list is known.

In summation, Representative Nunes is prudently not going to hand over a document to an FBI which is corrupt, in order to provide them time to produce another cover up and talking points to deny what they were engaged in.
That is the reality of this situation, along with the reality that the FBI already knows what is in this document, as they handed over the material, and more to the point the FBI HAS NOT OPENED AN INVESTIGATION nor has it charged the principles in this in these obvious crimes.

Representative Nunes can only do what he did. Alert Congress, and then release this to the public, which will then create the political cover for President Trump to act, to demand that Attorney General Jeff Sessions fire all of these criminals, and open investigations into all of these crimes of collusion, and if Sessions does not move on this, then the next step is to fire Jeff Sessions on the same cover up, and appoint someone who has proven interested in exposing these crimes, and that would be Devin Nunes as Attorney General as he is well versed on these matters already.

There is a necessary momentum in these matters, and when someone who is supposed to be on the right, creates a false narrative which helps those smearing Trump and Republicans as liars  as the Right Scoop just engaged in, all it does is assist the deep state. This is the material which Ben Shapiro, Bill Kristol and Jonah Goldberg engaged in all of 2016 against Americans to elect Hillary Clinton. To do this for an off the wall "scoop" which the Liberty Daily then gives you a headline feed is not the least helpful, especially when it is speculation and the worst echoes of the #NeverTrumpers of 2016 who are still pulling the same coup they were two years ago.

SnopperMexican was all up Ted Cruz's taco in 2016 in leading that contingent against Donald Trump.

It's if .....that post....might be.......a publicity stunt...

A petty pound of flesh for a Ted Cruz butt hurt who is putting a cheap shot ahead of saving America.

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