Monday, January 22, 2018

Another HAARP Snowstorm

Today's forecast is the wrap around effect of breastly winds~~~~~~~

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Trinidad Colorado.

This is an important site on the map, because it is traditionally where American blizzards form and sweep onto the plains, travel to Minnesota and then sweep east.

I was watching the forecast blizzard which dumped a great deal of snow in Denver on January 20th, 2018 AD in the year of our Lord and the Lame Cherry is going to explain something so you can see what weather modification looks like by HAARP.

A blizzard like a hurricane is a LO Pressure system, meaning it spins counter clockwise and sucks air into the eye, while a HIGH Pressure system pushes air out. This is a diagram of the systems and a blizzard is notorious for pushing warm air before it, with strong south winds and masses of snow coming north, before it passes, sucking in colder air from the northeast, then north and northwest as it passes as it is spinning counter clockwise.

This is a photo of what a LO Pressure system is supposed to look like.

This is a photo of the Denver blizzard coming out onto the great plains. See anything odd about it?

So you have more information on this blob, that big hook that is running from Colorado, into Nebraska, across South Dakota, into Minnesota and ending in Wisconsin, is MOVING NORTHEAST. It started this on Saturday evening and continued into Sunday. This is an impossibility for a LO Pressure system as the hook should be moving southwest into the storm system, but this one is flowing out in a CLOCKWISE DIRECTION.

What HAARP constructs are these massive blobs of moisture, and then somehow hooks them up to a jet stream of air which pushes these moisture channels to dump all their moisture over a 100 mile wide area, with devastating results. I will put this another way for national security reasons.
What do you think would happen if a Kim Jong Un bomb went off in Denver and the moisture all blobbed up like this, and patterned out in a 100 mile channel? It would concentrate a radioactive hotspot, instead of what traditionally were hurricane type arms of a storm coming in waves.
This is what it looks like in HAARP if given time can heat the atmosphere and direct moisture patterns in blobs and steamlines. It could probably do the same thing with a volcano up to a certain extent, but a volcano is a great load of cinder.

This HAARP shit is really getting old for people suffering through it. Suffering is the word as I got caught under one of these moisture streams last year and we got 12 inches of rain as every goddamn storm for 800 miles passed over us. It is hell on making a roof leak and the plaster to fall. In winter is piles up like 6 feet of snow in these blobs as Pennsylvania discovered.
It is the same with that Polar Vortex. There is no damn such thing in nature, until HAARP appeared and it needed cover for melting ice in certain areas or freezing America for Donald Trump's big oil buddies to sell high priced fuel to cold Americans so Trump can tweet about a surging American economy.

I have no problem with HAARP creating nice weather, but they create shit weather for Americans non stop and that is bullshit. Weather is not working and I am amused at watching the competing forecasts as the data boys are asstard all over the place in there are literally 20 degree temperature predictions for the same areas as HAARP has this screwed up this bad.

This last HAARP freeze for oil profit, apparently sucked all the cold from the north and now El Ninia is pushing in temperatures warmer than normal by 10 degrees.

I highly recommend that you get on some weather sites and just watch these cloud formations as nothing is working as it should in nature. Exclusively here, I uncovered two air flows that looked like lava flows in North Dakota out of Manitoba was part of the HAARP source in where they generate this chit. The atmosphere in fronts should be wide waves, not surging rivers. It is all in plain sight if you just pay attention as sooner or later you are going to witness something that makes no sense like that hurricane in Florida doing a 90 degree turn north as it was heading due west.

The media is not going to tell you these realities the weather boys get fired if they start pointing this chit out. I do it apparently for dollars that Mr. President steals from me in taxes, so woo hoo about that.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter as no one else will.

Oh one more thing, how come all my weather girls look like they survived Auschwitz and the weather boys look like dorky batman characters and Chicago has breastly winds.......

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