Sunday, January 28, 2018

This Land is Your Land

Can not start shopping for guns at too young of an age.

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I came across this series of photos online, and considering the misery that the Ottawa and DC regimes are inflicting upon US Peoples, I was so moved by how happy these people are, not just in their family, but in their extended family. They give a glimpse of what the American and Canadian Dream is supposed  to be, in what really is behind the fact of Making America Great Again.
This is a family in the Yukon and before you start jumping to conclusions, understand that when things go wrong here, no one comes and bails you out. There is not a 911 to call. You make a mistake in this country and it does not forgive nor forget, and the end result is some predator eating on your carcass.

I present to you a family in the Yukon in their life.

The happiest family on the planet.


The three old women on the left died this year in this family.


Christmas in the Yukon with a pine martin adorning the tree.


This is what snow means in the life and death struggle in the rural Americas


I was stuck by this photo in there are a few as this one, and I think the white cloud
are the elders souls. There are several photos where they appear watching over their family
still in this world.


Bobby with his Grandpa in both enjoying the day


This is the lynx fur which feeds the family and keeps other animals alive.
If you are rich, go buy fur coats and help the rural economy and wildlife.


This is the tool of the rural American. A 150 grain mushroomed Remington Core Lokt
bullet, which killed a moose.

This is what the super market looks like in rural areas where you harvest a moose
butcher it and package it so yo do not starve. There is no welfare nor walmart to shop at.


The young happy hunter with the antlers of  the moose.
Notice no foundations or plumbing as things are frozen there all year.


This is Women's Liberation, a young woman with her first 410 shotgun.
Her most loyal companion in life.


God, family, guns and nature, the happy American Family


Some very beautiful Canadian Lynx which belong now on 
a very rich woman in the United States.


Canadians helping America out by purchasing Minnesota American products.


This is what a border wall looks like in a man with his rife and dead predators
who will not be hamstringing moose and caribou with deadly efficiency.


More pretty kitties that rich people must purchase and wear to do their part.


To make this wolf over 300 animals were eaten alive as that is what wolves do.
Do not be fooled with compassion. The wolf got a humane end as it's paw was frozen
and it could not feel the trap, compared to moose running along with their guts ripped out.


Children who are polite, well mannered, healthy, obedient and helpful,
skinning a pine martin for more beautiful fur coats.


Pine martin are captured in kill traps, and the entire trap must be 
brought in as it is frozen in 20 to 60 below weather to the animal.


Early season grocery shopping in a caribou.


Children who know how to use drills better than cell phones.


 Intelligent and advanced children who entertain themselves.

 A family content in living their dream without Ottawa and DC.
Yes people can survive without the regimes ordering them what to do every day.

Life as the Founders of Canada and America meant it to be.

The above photos are a testament of what the Founders of America meant for her Citizens from Pierre Gaultier de Varennes of Quebec who explored most of the northern United States, to Lord Selkirk who founded Winnipeg Manitoba with a dream of a united Canadian American heartland free people, to George Washington, Daniel Boone, Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan who just desired that all Ameicans live free, guided by God to the best life the wanted, whether they wanted to be lazy or work themselves to death, stupid or college degreed, that is the right of the Americans now disturbed and how that way of life is being genocided for these Jesuit Latins and Muslim Asians, whose nations are nothing but shit holes, and those in power in London, Ottawa and DC, are seeking to create the same cesspool control in North America.

You remember who is living the Varennes, Selkirk and Washington vision for Americans, and who is by design destroying that heritage from the face of the earth.

Remember what North America was destined for and whose land this is, and was never meant to be  bartered or amnestied away.

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