Sunday, January 28, 2018


Ok sanctions on Russia as I heard Japan ate Russian Tea Cakes


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Treasure Secretary Steve Mnuchkin is the Jewish equivalent of an economic nuclear first strike on Russia. It is a view though of what controls Donald Trump in it has nothing to do with Make America Great Again or American Policy, and has to do with the same bullshit which Barack Obama was engaged in, in what Russiagate was all about, and that is blackmailing Russia to hand over their investments to be dumped into the US stock market.

Ok so you get this, Mnuchkin just levied "new sanctions" against Russia, on top of the 4 year old Obama sanctions where the People of Crimea  voted to join Russia, FREELY.

US Places New Sanctions on Russian, Ukrainian Separatist ...

The U.S. Treasury has announced new sanctions against Russian and Ukrainian citizens involved in the Russian annexation of Crimea, barring them from doing ...

This though is not about blackmail alone of Russia, this is about North Korea selling coal to South Korea and Japan, via Russian transports.
So you get this, Japan and South Korea need coal to drive their economies, and when Donald Trump put the sanctions on North Korea, he put the hurt on US allies.

Despite sanctions, N.Korea exported coal to South, Japan via ...

U.N. sanctions ban North Korean coal exports; Trump says Russia helps Pyongyang get supplies; North Korea shipped coal to Russia - security sources;.

But here is the rub, in Donald Trump is not just hammering North Korea, Trump is hammering South Korea in LG, but this gets better in Donald Trump is hammering you, because LG now has to raise prices over Trump tariffs.

But get this, in China is given free reign by Trump, so the only people getting screwed are Americans consumers, Russians, South Koreans, Japanese and North Koreans.

I bet you never thought you would be in the same short shaft as Kim Jong Un, but in Trump policies it all is this economic hammer and everyone gets hammered, unless you are Chinese or Ivanka.

Trump Tariffs: Is Now the Time to Buy a Washing Machine ...

The goal of the tariff is to level the playing field for the American ... that it intends to raise prices, ... that LG's announced price ...

This US policy makes absolutely no sense, unless you want to blackmail Russia for Trump Street and want to keep propping up China, because your Jew in laws are making bank on Peking bribes.

Donald Trump appears to have one come on, and that is the bitch slap. He bullies everyone who is a friend or foe and expects them to just take it.

This is Trumpisphere, it makes no sense unless  you are a Jew stock trader, then everything makes sense as Donald Trump is about screwing allied competitors, because Wall  Street owns Trump and the way Donald Trump gets people to pay up is Wall Street's Pentagon, and China has been handing out the bribes to  Jews, so the Peking girls  get to run the whore game without Mnuchkin  sanctions.

Steve Mnuchkin is a disaster for the United States People at Treasury.

Another day, another policy costing Americans money, denying them affordable goods and making Americans more of a nuclear target.

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