Sunday, January 21, 2018

Trump 2020: Operation Rodman

Ambassador Rodman take a message to my friend Kim.....

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I suppose you forgot how Birther Hussein Obama used HAARP to drop record snows in the Rockies so the Missouri and Mississippi Rivers would "wild" and flood out Republican states like North and South Dakota.

I suppose you forgot when Kentucky was cycloned off the map and Birther Hussein never appeared either.

I suppose you forgot when Birther Hussein sabotaged deep water British Petroleum in the Gulf to drive up oil prices and to oil pollute all those Republican states too...and Mark Halperin said on Charlie Rose that Obama did not care, as "Those states did not vote for him anyway?"

The Lame Cherry did not forget and this leads us to Donald Trump's North Korean policy by Herbert McMaster who works for John McCain and George Soros, as poor little Obama liberal Hawaii sends out Jim Carrey doomsday tweets about the missiles are falling on the Big Island.

Hawaii Still Rattled After False Missile Alert Causes Panic: ‘At that Point, You Just Pray and Find God, I Guess’

Tucker Carlson said it best in this demographic roulette which is being waged in the American Genocide, and he is the first media personality who has actually stated what the Lame Cherry warned about in thee American Genocide which is here.

Tucker Carlson: Does Anyone Actually Believe You Can ‘Swap Out’ All Americans With Foreigners & Have The Same Country?

I looked up on Wiki the population of United States cities. Now remember that Hillary Clinton stuffed the ballot boxes with like 3 million votes in California for the win. Figure that Obama flipped 10 million votes each time from McCain and Romney as strawmen, so just look at these numbers in the 10 million figure.


New York[6]  New York 8,537,673 8,175,133 +4.43% 301.5 sq mi 780.9 km2 28,317/sq mi 10,933/km2 40.6635°N 73.9387°W
2 Los Angeles  California 3,976,322 3,792,621 +4.84% 468.7 sq mi 1,213.9 km2 8,484/sq mi 3,276/km2 34.0194°N 118.4108°W
3 Chicago  Illinois 2,704,958 2,695,598 +0.35% 227.3 sq mi 588.7 km2 11,900/sq mi 4,600/km2 41.8376°N 87.6818°W

See Wiki is helpful in even giving the nuclear coordinates for Kim Jong Un to nuke these cities. I was going to make a long list, but the above 3 cities is like 15 million, and in doing this, Donald  Trump will be President for ever, so all that is left is like John and Jung mop up in festering pustule places like:


 Washington 704,352 608,660 +15.72% 83.8 sq mi 217.0 km2 8,405/sq mi 3,245/km2 47.6205°N 122.3509°W


Denver[12]  Colorado 693,060 600,158 +15.48% 153.3 sq mi 397.0 km2 4,521/sq mi 1,746/km2 39.7619°N 104.8811°W


Minneapolis  Minnesota 413,651 382,578 +8.12% 54.0 sq mi 139.9 km2 7,660/sq mi 2,960/km2 44.9633°N 93.2683°W

As you can assess as a Karl Rove or David Axelrod bean counters, Kim Jong Un could clean out all the American shit holes, and Donald Trump would dominate for a century.
Now ask yourself if democrats laughed when Obama was doing genocide on White folks in Republican States in water and oil baths, do you think that Republicans will be whining about being the dominant party in America once the liberal communist population centers are removed for 2020, or maybe 2018?

And in knowing those figures, we know that Donald John and Kim Jong are best of friends waving their nuclear dongs at each other like Sumo wrestlers before a match. Neither want war, but each know that they got to put on a show for the girls as the hot wives club all discuss things like size matters in Mrs. Kim and Mrs. Don.

See here is proof of the good buddy relationship between Don John and Kim Jung with matching middle names.

Trump Says WSJ Misquoted Him, ‘Obviously’ Did Not Say ‘I Have a Good Relationship With Kim Jong Un,’ Has Audio Tapes

But what would the conversation be like between John and Jong? I mean how would it go? Would it be like, "Hey Master Don, I pull out my big missile and ejaculate on your adversaries, but what will you do for me Big Donald?"

The reply might be something like, "Hey Lil Kim, how about you do that, and I will plant plutonium on the Yalu, which will keep China and Russia from invading you, and your having to suck on their long dongs. We let the Chicoms mine the radioactive fields and you get the money and China dies on the vine".

It all ends with a thumbs up as Kim Jong Un is a man of honor and knows a good deal.

The President likes you Kim, and you could both do each other a favor.....

So there you go, as Jim Carrie and Jamie Lee Curtis went nuts blaming Donald Trump for democrats pushing nuclear alerts in  Hawaii as this was somehow his fault, and all this fake news is floating around about Donald and Kim being great buddies, could you not see Junta John Kelly's eyes lighting up with nuclear flames in population control in a nice manageable nuclear war for the Pentagon to rule America, and all it would take for Trump 2020 is a little help from America's nuclear friends.

Let's sing...........

The Beatles - With A Little Help From My Friends Cover - YouTube

"With a Little Help from My Friends" is a song by The Beatles, written by John Lennon and Paul McCartney. The song was written for and sung by the Beatles ...

This post must be important as I was going to write it at midnight and it just slipped my mind and here in the bright morning light it came to mind again in how Trump 2020 would be a certain winner in the next election.

For those who think discussions like the above do not take place, just think about who it was that decided in Obamaland to dump tens of millions of Muslim and Jesuit Rape Cock into GOP areas, to overthrow Republican States in a deliberate political process. One politician's rape cocks are another political operatives nuclear salvo.

Just something to think about.

It is amazing in the numbers though, that when the European Seers who predicted that New York would be struck, that one city would make certain that Republicans would always win every national election, until of course the rape cock bastards produced enough voters to make up that 10 million difference.
Gee you do not suppose that is why the cartel has been dumping foreigners into America, to offset such an event now do you?

Just something to think about.

Let's sing though again.........

WHEN I'M SIXTY FOUR (The Beatles) - YouTube

Will you still need me, will you still feed me when I'm sixty four? Ev'ry summer we can rent a cottage on the Isle of Wight if it's not too dear.