Saturday, January 20, 2018

Lame Cherry Experiences Sexual Terrorism

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

The Lame Cherry taking example from Natalie Portman in coming out in creating a new form of sexual harassment in SEXUAL TERRORISM when a male or lezbo fan of her's sent her a rape fantasy, as Ms. Portman confessed all of this before Pussy Hat Protesters, that the Lame Cherry desires to tell the world that the popular girl too has experienced Sexual Terrorism, so traumatizing that I still have concern about choking on my own vomit as it still makes me so sickened, and pictured below is the sex terrorist who sickens me.


Yes it was none other than the braless Natalie Portman, posing with the protector of serial rapist, Bill Clinton, with her nipples poking out like a whore, degrading all women as trampy tarts to be used by old dykes like Hillary Clinton.

As Natalie Portman has now defined unwanted sexual contact as TERRORISM, it is fitting that Natalie Portman be named as a Sexual Terrorist.

This is Ms. Portman going Beaver Terrorist in making one phobic where her bare pubes have touched in her many public appearances as what is the difference between anthrax from a Muslim as it is as unwanted as having Portman's nether juice coating your coffee cup or your hands as there is no telling what she has rubbed up against.

Again, her is Portman terrorizing the public, in forcing her sexual contact on us. We simply do not desire this and here Portman keeps engaging in PHOTOGRAPHIC RAPE of innocent men, women and children.
How many children have witnessed this and is this now not Pedo Portman before us?


The one thing to focus on in all this Sexual Terrorism and Photographic Rape by Natalie Portman, is the removal of Pussy Hats for fur covering up the beavers of the angry women on the march.

Yes the uniting factor is now fur, coyote ugly fur, beaver fur, muff fur and finally women like Natalie Portman will be named as Sexual Terrorists and Photographic Rapists, and she will be in court with Kevin Spacey, who is now accused of not just butt boy sex, but of racism.
You do notice that Natalie Portman never stars with Black lesbians now does she....


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