Friday, January 26, 2018

Trump's Pentagonomics

Oh look, Donald has Ivanka eating our steaks, the Obama girls wearing
our clothes and Chelsea sleeping in our bed......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I wonder how many promises Donald Trump will get to break before there is an open revolt against him as he becomes Jeb Bush cementing Obama's 3rd Term.

Yesterday it was Trumpnesty.

Uh Oh: RINO Surrender Caucus Leaders Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell LOVE Trump’s Amnesty Plan [Not Good]

Today it is Trump going up the Canuck arse of Justin Trudeau in now wanting a piece of that TPP deal which would destroy America by Asian monopoly trade.

BREAKING: President Trump to CNBC: I would consider TPP with a 'substantially better deal'
— CNBC Now (@CNBCnow) January 25, 2018
In January 2017, as one of Trump's first moves as president, he formally withdrew the United States from the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

It is heartening that some sites like Liberty Daily is beginning to list the Trump Hazards now by the hour, as Breitbart is leading the established media in calling attention to the problem of what the Trump White House is in lurching left under the directorship of Junta John Kelly.

I have been observing all of this these past weeks, and have noted that the Lawrence Kudlow Reaganomics group has left the building, and who is Donald Trump hauling around but Goldman Sachs in Gary Cohn, Steve Mnuchkin and Ivanka to Pennsylvania.
If you missed that presser when Ivanka darling was invited up on stage. you missed the Ivanka exposed in being the flufftard of flufftards in that woman can not speak, can not think and sounded like a 16 year old cheerleader "talkin' bout all that important stuff".

So you understand this which no one has informed you of yet is Donald Trump is establishing PENTAGONOMICS. That is what John Kelly and Herbert McMaster are all about in a global war machine, which must first be fed, and that comes from taxes, generated by a Nazi conglomerate state, which needs slave labor in amnesty, which produces the control mechanism of international finance, which in the police state extorts money and control over the masses, which the Pentagon uses trade as a weapon to subjugate not only foreign peoples, but Americans.

Do not think that the military is right wing. That era is long gone, as Patton and MacArthur were assassinated and removed to make way for the fascist political minder who is the Pentagon, whose main concern is not turning out fighting officers but turning them into degenerate ass humpers, doped up on happy pills, as the Pentagon can not have it's students turning on the socio conglomerate pentagon complex to overthrow it.

Everything Donald Trump has engaged in, from threatening Russia, to threatening North Korea, to amnesty, to TPP, to NAFTA, to Trump Tax is ALL geared to feeding the Pentagon machine with slave workers, funding, subjugated people, crushing the American Race and promoting this domination at all costs.

Donald Trump is to provide cover for all of this, so the right wing will go over the cliff willingly.

 Hosea 4:6
New International Version
My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge.

King James Version
My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge.

Americans are destroyed by a lack of knowledge and too much propaganda they want to believe in as they are led over the cliff.

- Lame Cherry

There is no longer separating the myth of Donald Trump and the fact of Donald Trump. There is not an art of the deal, but Donald Trump dealing artfully to deceive the voters who trusted his rhetoric.

Democracy is Mob Rule Ruled by Emotionally Triggering Rhetoric.

- Lame Cherry

Democracy is a tyrant of the many manipulated by the lying despot of the one.

- Lame Cherry

The American Republic is dead. It will never revive with an Obama's 3rd term and it certainly is a fact as Patrick Buchanan wrote, that the American Race can not be handed over to the American Genocide by a manipulated rule of the Molotov Mob.

"The best test of truth," said Oliver Wendell Holmes, "is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market."
But in our world, more and more people believe, and rightly so, that truth exists independent of whether people accept or reject it.
And there are matters, like the preservation of a unique people and nation, that are too important to be left to temporary majorities to decide.

I took this screen grab of an Asian manufactured pistol I would buy if I was wealthy. If you notice the price is $425.44. Under Trump trade, Trump weakening the dollar, Trump economics, this pistol has gone from 395 dollars to a 30 dollar price spike, like Trump's gasoline and everything else which is robbing Americans.

The reality is that Trumpmerica is now a place where Americans get to look in the window, as Ivanka gets to try on everything with the Obama girls and Chelsea Clinton.