Sunday, January 7, 2018

When is Donald Trump going to Remember the Americans he Forgot?

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There is a great deal of glee in the press over what Steve Bannon is purported to have said about Donald Trump, the problem is as Mr. President goes scorched earth on Bannon in this WWE event, is the reality that Steve Bannon and Michael Wolff went far too easy on Donald Trump.
Rex Tillerson is wrong as Donald Trump is not a moron in the least, as Donald Trump knows exactly what he is doing, and what he intended to do from Day One. The Truth is Donald Trump is an opportunistic liar, who played upon the most vulnerable of American for political cover, to abandon them once Gary Cohn and Jew Street crafted a new slave owner bill for tan skin workers imported into America to replace Americans.

That is what is the historical condemnation in this, like Donald Trump sabotaging Christian Roy Moore, to abandoning the Bundy's and LaVoy Finicum, as he pardoned a Jew slave trader running the butcher trade in Iowa, that Donald Trump betrayed the parents and families of children who were murdered, assaulted and raped by Mr. Trump's open borders.
I will keep telling you the facts on this, in Donald Trump replaced Barack Obama's illegals, by making them legal, and now Mr. President is going to give Amnesty to the whole damn bunch.

Donald Trump sold out American poor and rich in his tax bill, as he lied about not having people earning under 50,000 dollars pay any taxes, and he lied about getting rid of the death tax which will tie up all of rich people's money and assets as the cartel agenda demands.

How about the American dead children, murdered out of the womb which Donald Trump has forgotten about and betrayed, and how about the 250,000 murdered babies in the womb that Donald Trump forgot about as Mr. President's memory seems only to register in what Ivanka wants, what Jew Street demands and what his New York Valued core is.

The following is a letter from the parents of murdered American children, as Donald Trump sold out America for that tax bill, to build his worthless wall as he is letting foreigners in legal now, and Obama's DACA dreamers have become Trump's awakening of Amnesty.

An Open Letter to President Trump and the American People
January 3, 2018
Dear President Trump:
Over the past 30 years we have seen one president after another and every Congress protect illegal aliens at tremendous financial cost to this country and even worse the loss of tens of thousands of lives. We the undersigned are a small portion of those whose families have paid the ultimate price with the death of a loved one.
While you cannot bring our loved ones back you can make sure that no one else suffers like we have.
The deal we hear being bandied about does not begin to live up to your promise. In fact, it will end any further opportunity to bring about true illegal immigration reform.
Granting relief to DACA recipients tells those, whose fault it is that they are here, “You killed our children and loved ones, but we'll protect yours”
Before any action is taken to protect DACA recipients, we, law abiding citizens and legal immigrants, demand the following:
• An end to sanctuary states, counties and cities and the prosecution under Title 8 U.S. Code § 1324 of those officials who refuse to obey federal law.
• Mandatory use of e-verify
• Criminal prosecution of all employers who hire illegal aliens
• An operational biometric process to ensure that those who overstay their visas are removed and a new law criminalizing overstaying your visa.
• Increased border security throughout the southern border by any means necessary
• An end to chain migration and the diversity immigration lottery
• An end to birthright citizenship.
• A massive increase in the deportation of those whose fault it was in DACA recipient’s presence in the United States
• Increasing the penalty for entering the country illegally to a felony and a mandatory 10-year sentence for entering once you have already been deported.
As law abiding citizens we demand that our Constitutional rights be guaranteed and protected before anyone who has entered our country illegally is given any deference.
AVIAC is a 501c3 organization founded by families who have lost loved ones to illegal alien crime, uniting to promote American safety and security through legislative education, victim and family support and public action.

Don Rosenberg
Mary Ann Mendoza
Maureen Maloney
Michelle Wilson-Root
Sabine Durden
Maureen Laquerre
Brian McCann

God bless these Patriot American Families and may God bless Mr. President to remember the Americans he made promises to.

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