Monday, January 8, 2018

Poldark the Movie

 Why am I not in the movie????

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I created this page, because I once loved Poldark in the 1970's version, but simply loathe what has been faggacized to death in this drawn out, suffering corpse of the 21st century version.

These are the persons responsible.

Created by Debbie Horsfield. With Aidan Turner, Eleanor Tomlinson, Jack Farthing, Heida Reed

What Poldark has become is a show about nothing, interspaced of sweeping vistas and either primates racing on horses to nowhere or primates on the beach going nowhere.

This is thee most stupid thing on PBS, since fags took over Downton Abbey and that manly Mary was thrust into the spotlight of every wimp's dream.

This is the Lame Cherry version of Poldark in how it should have been written.

The scene opens.........


I am Ross Poldark, I will stand here for four years as I am too much of a cunt
to save my women, my family or myself!!!!


Ross does not want me, all he wants is that Elizabeth Warleggan, and here I am
with my gaping nethers as empty, hollow and wanton as a 
Welch coal mine filled with the corpse of the career
of Christian Bale!!!

I make men drunk with my wine, my perfume, my pouted lips
and my cleavage, but the perfume is the father of my bastard boy
not Ross Poldark!!!

I am George Warleggan. I have gone where Ross has gone before,
his lands, his house, his woman have all felt the drizzle of my penis!!!
I will destroy Ross Poldark as
all he does is stand there. I will freeze to death his Aunt Agatha
in my home as my final act of revenge!!!!


That George Warleggan is a cow cunt son of a bitch
freezing to death an old woman!!!
I will appeal to Ross Poldark and he will save me!!!!


Time for a Poldark sweeping scenery vista of those God forsaken islands
to fill up 1/3rd of the series as the writers are too asstard to write
 a script!!!


Sorry Aunt Agatha, I am too busy being shirtless today
to save my family!!!



I'll tell you what happened, "That George cut himself shaving
with this muzzle loading shotgun"!!!

George then got into the back of a horse cart, which the horses drove him
to the Poldark mine, where George dragged himself to the entrance and
stumbled to fall down a 5000 foot pit!!!!

George never could shave.....

That makes perfect sense to me....
so just do your cameo Rossette and shut up!!!

I guess that means we inherit everything and Aunt Agatha 
gets to come in and sit by the fire.....

Time for Ross to do that which he doth best,
bounce his balls on a horse...........

No one fucks with Aunt Agatha Poldark!!!

Thee End.

See would this not be a really great series, but then I am not a fag Brit as my kindred left that shit behind long ago.


Nuff said