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Yioshi Shimatsu explains what Russiagate is really about

Vladimir, you give Wall Street all your money
and I give you all the minerals under federal lands in America...

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The problem with Russiagate and Watergate is no one was ever supposed to know the Truth, and in Watergate's Woodward and Bernstein who were trolls of the CIA deep state, it required years to unmask the coup against the innocent Richard Nixon. Into this, the world is fortunate in Russiagate had a journalist in Yoichi Shimatsu who is about as close to explaining what Russiagate was all about, and the tip of the iceberg was Uranium One and the murder of LaVoy Finicum with the persecution of the Hammond ranching family in Oregon. While Americans were wondering what this regime over reaction was by Birther Hussein Obama, Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton, it was the submerged ice of this which was image Obama instructing the CIA, with assistance from Jewish Mosaad and British MI6 to steal the 2016 AD in the year of our Lord American elections for Donald Trump, as Bush fam, the fag billionaires and the Obama regime conspired to fix the election against Donald Trump.

Mr. Shimatsu points to the reality of the money trail, which is what drove Obama in terror funding for his 2008 campaign, fraud green money laundering of government contracts for 2012 and the Clintons whoring for whatever shekel or ruble which would be bribed their way.
It all focuses on the Magnitsky Act, in a Russian auditor named Magnitsky uncovered massive embezzlement of Russian state funds by the oligarchs of the Putin order, and was subsequently murdered over them.

There was an Obama method to this madness in Obama put the sanctions on with full intention of extorting money from the Russians in forcing the sanction lifting so money would funnel Obama Wall Street interests which would then funnel money to democrats running for office.

This money laundering scheme was to make Bill Clinton's money laundering from Marc Rich in Saddam Hussein's oil for palaces look like peanuts. The Russians were looking to the future in control of all of the mineral wealth on US federal western lands to exploit.
This was the Dwight Eisenhower globalists melding of America and Russia, with America being more Soviet and Russia being more capitalist.

The Magnitsky Act is understandable only in the historical context of Russian persecution of its Jewish minority over past centuries.

The Magnitsky Act was vintage crook Obama in sanctions would open the cash cow of Russian finance to American control in centralized laundering, out of the hands of Jewish oligarchs moving money into Tel Aviv and into Kushner type schemes in New York.
Gary Cohn of Goldman Sachs was an early Jewish player in this in the Cyprus financial schemes which drove Russian native investments out of Cyprus holdings in confiscating them.
The Panama Papers release was designed to implicate, expose and herd these sanctioned resources into the Obama benefactor wallets.
In short, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were about to cut out the Jewish mafia laundering money for Vladimir Putin.

This is the background in this of Fusion GPS in the fag billionaires who started the Pissgate file, which was in essence a collusion with British MI6 overthrowing the American elections in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, initiated according to Mr. Shimatsu from the deep state CIA.

That is what is at the base of all of this, in image Obama initiated the deep state CIA to create a coup inside the United States, centered on the ending of the Magnitsky Act, so the deep state would gain financial control of Russian billions being laundered into America, based on the Russian nukes for Electricity agreement treaty.

What Shimatsu states is the infamous meeting in Trump Tower between Don jr and the Russians had Fusion GPS putting a wire on the femme fatale in Natalia Veselnitskaya to incriminate the Trumps, for their destruction or later blackmail.
The trash file promised in Hillary Clinton never appeared, but the mention of Magitsky did, and that confused the Trump's as that was not what the meeting was about.
It is why though Jared Kushner threw Don jr under the bus over that meeting, as Tel Aviv which was ministering this Trump coup from behind the scenes, has been protecting it's interests and has been trying to take Mr. President down since 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

Simpson admitted under intense questioning that he had dinner with Natalia Veselnitskaya on June 8, the day before the Trump team meeting. On the night after, at that now-celebrated gathering, which failed to turn up any oppo research for Trump as promised, Simpson claimed that he heard no news of it from Veselnitskaya with this lame alibi: “(at) the dinner on the 10th I was at one end of the table talking to a woman about her biography on Simon Bolivar and she (Natalia V.) was at the other end with Rinat (Akhmetshin) and she doesn't really speak much English.” (p. 132 onward)

 So us gullible peons are expected to believe that Natalia and Rinat had just met with the top Trump advisors, including that most familiar face in Moscow Paul Manafort, and forgot to mention it to Simpson.

The key to unlocking this is the story concerning Moby and the CIA approaching him to spread the story of Trump colluding with Russia, which is the narrative which was feverishly being planted by Obama Inc. as this criminal group had to neutralize Donald Trump ASAP before this money laundering scheme became public.

 Distracted by that false alarm over an ICBM homing in for a second Pearl Harbor attack, I noticed another intriguing news item: “Moby says CIA agents asked him to spread the word about Trump and Russia”. There you have it in a nutshell, the thesis that I’ve been pursuing for more than a year that the dossier was part of a CIA-White House operation.

This becomes more detailed as the creation of the Pissgate File was CIA contractors, centered in Nellie Hauk Ohr, her husband at FBI, and the wife of Fusion GPS in Mary Jacoby.
This female duo for Hillary Clinton nethers, was a gossip claque. The duo were monitoring Russian broadcasts and infusing their own CIA material to what Christopher Steele was gleaning from his contacts in Ukraine and Russia.
What Mr. Shumatsu concludes is that Russia's horse in this race was never Donald Trump,but it was Hillary Clinton all along, as only Obama Clinton could con liberal Wall Street Jewry to ending Magnitsky in selling their souls for Russian gold, as Trump was a non starter.

 During the summer campaign season, the Russia monitoring effort was led by senior CIA translator and analyst Nellie Hauke Ohr at the cyber-lab called Open Source Works (OSW) at Langley headquarters. She also scanned counterintelligence reports at the DOJ executive office of her husband Bruce Genesoke Ohr. A methodical professional, even her home was used for more traditional signals intercepts, listening to Russian chatter and Moscow news channels over her ham radio. This extraordinary tolerance of free movement between government intel agencies would not have been possible without approval from the Executive Office, and her salary and expenses were covered by the Obama For America (OFA) grant to Fusion GPS. Obviously, Nellie Ohr did not work as a solitary monitor but supervised a staff of CIA employees.
 Her dedicated effort picked up those tidbits of gossip, nearly all grossly inaccurate or inane banter, as typical of Russian patter. Those scraps of gossip could not have been her main assignment, which had to be instead discerning whether the other side, the Putin circle, might be preparing to trash Hillary and aid the Donald. Putin stayed on course, realizing that Trump was too divisive to bring about an end to sanctions with the consent of liberal Jews.

The election in November of Donald Trump as President caused a political quake from Moscow to London to Tel Aviv to DC. Obama and the police state were frantic their crimes were going to be discovered. Vladimir Putin was about to be discovered in Russia as overseeing state assets being embezzled which would make him most unpopular at home and Mr. Putin not tampering in the US election but purchasing Obama and Clinton for Russian investment with Russia taking over American western lands, would  bring about a Gold War with America which Russia would lose.
This explains why Donald Trump suddenly turned so rabid against Vladimir Putin, as Mr. Trump soon learned that the democrats and the Russians had colluded against him and America.

The unexpected upset in November was a morale-crushing embarrassment for Hillary and the Democrat elite, and a dilemma for Putin. The fix was blown. Suddenly, the repeal of the Magnitsky Act sanctions, with its promises of billions for Wall Street, were nixed by the feud between Trump’s pro-Russian populist base and the liberal Jewish establishment. Hillary might have been able to cajole her Jewish constituents to accept the rescinding of Magnitsky, but Trump had zero chance of gaining Jewish cooperation after his statements adulating Putin and his support base in the alt-right. The best-laid plans of men and feminists went awry in a triumph for chaos.
 Hillary’s defeat left the Trump-Russia dossier project in limbo. Five weeks passed before the hastily compiled dossier was passed to John McCain. Since only a couple of weeks at most were needed to amend or update the drafts of notes into its present form of 16 sloppy reports, meaning that earlier two weeks must have been spent in intense debate inside the CIA and Oval Office on whether the dossier had any value for the new priority of mounting progressive “resistance” against the Trump administration. Without Hillary’s greed to compel him, Obama dropped any intentions of altering Magnitsky and went for Trump’s throat.
 The hastiness of patching together the rough document indicates an ad hoc team, probably Nellie Ohr and Mary Jacoby, cut-and-pasted the dossier report at Bruce Ohr’s DOJ rooms and after hours at work stations in Jacoby’s Main Justice blog office. Another indicator of the Kremlin's busted deal with the Democrats is how the Putin-Trump “relationship” went sour so quickly.

The statements of Donald Trump become more clear in stating the FBI is broken and how the CIA were not to be trusted. This is the Catch 22 of Donald Trump though, as this is the type of information which would bring down the United States, because how does a nation deal with Negroid catharsis, when the Negroid is one of the greatest crooks in history and should be hung as a traitor.
George W. Bush had the same dilemma over Saddam Hussein WMD's which were supplied by Germans and French, which would have brought down Europe and the revelations of Clinton bribes from Hussein would have had them hung too as traitors.

This with a few more details than Yiochi Shimatsu posted is the essence of Russiagate. It was a cover up of a massive money laundering scheme by Obama Clinton for their Wall Street and political interests. It is that simple and criminal.

We owe a great deal to Mr. Shimatsu for cutting through the cover and exposing what Senator Diane Feinstein was attempting to diffuse with her leaks of the Fusion GPS testimony in tainting the jury pool.

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