Tuesday, January 16, 2018

The Deplorables of You

SAC Dan Love sent photographs of his own feces and his girl-friend's vagina to coworkers and subordinates.



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I was reading a Mark Steyn assessment of the lynching of the Bundy's based in the horrid National Review and it deserved another re visitation of the history of this, because from FBI Special Agent Gregory T. Bretzing to BLM Agent Dan Love, the public has been placed in great danger and legal jeopardy, while the image of American Law Enforcement has been degraded that it is in need of repair, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions is  too busy protecting the criminals in his Department of Justice.

The above is a reality of what the degradation of the United States government has fallen to in political officers, where one of your employees thought that taking pictures of his fecal material and his girlfriends sexual organs for sending them out to other employees was considered acceptable behavior for law enforcement.

As someone who has relatives and inlaws employed in the United State Government, in positions of authority, I would be shocked by any of these people to ever take photos of their excrement and sending it out, along with photos of their spouses nethers.

This entire lynch mob employed against the Bundy's for the greater interests of Uranium One. The only reason any of this coming to light is because Hillary Clinton was defeated, and Larry Klayman has been raising hell, with the brave work of Larry Wooten who filed a report at Justice to what actually was taking place in the American West against Americans.

The following are a series of screen grabs of the Larry Wooten report to the Department of Justice and selfies of feces was one of a list of criminal conducts engaged in by this lynch mob.

 Body cam evidence revealed that these armed government officials, belittling, threatening and deriding these Americans in Nevada.
Their appearances were made fun of in being fat, having a tractor face to ordering that the pets of these Americans should be shot first.

 United State Attorney Steven Myhre who oversaw this cover up, was furious over what Larry Wooten was uncovering. The worst of this phase was BLM Agent Dan Love was a racist in degrading American Indians who worked under him, and he had a pet Indian doll which he called his 'drunk little Indian".

This portion has these Obama appointees and Hillary Clinton voters referring to the Bundy's as Trump voters as Deplorables as half the Americans were in 2016. In essence, armed law enforcement was advocating the extermination of Trump voters, just as Hillary Clinton was indicating should be carried out.

It was even more degrading in Larry Wooten kept being accosted in questions which should never be asked in if he was a Mormon.

All of this evidence was recorded by Mr. Wooten from memory, as we discover that a BLM Assistant Special Agent, stole all of Mr. Wootens files which recorded the evidence of his investigation into this witch hunt.
Literally the BLM confiscated and removed evidence of their own crimes.

In all of the above there are numerous civil rights violations, sex crimes, terroristic threats and actual battery. But just as Gregory Bretzing is not under Grand Jury investigation, the FBI agents who shot at LaVoy Finicum and engaged in a cover up which were responsible for Mr. Finicum's murder, to this criminal activity in Nevada, Jeff Sessions is not upholding the law in protecting Americans.
Literally Dan Love had a kill book of people he had so degraded and made so distraught that they killed themselves from his bullying. That is at the least first degree manslaughter and yet Attorney General Jeff Sessions has initiated nothing, except another cover up of an "investigation".

There are at least 4 people murdered by government officials in this. There are a dozen families from the Hammonds to the Bundy's whose lives, liberties and right to pursue a living have been destroyed, when these Citizens did absolutely nothing wrong, and the Obama regime was  intent on stealing these rancher's land for Nazi conglomerates as in Uranium One

For the record, if Jeff Sessions has any honesty in him, he would appoint Larry Wooten as a Special Investigator with Grand Jury support to bring indictments against all of these government officials, and place Larry Klayman in full prosecutorial power for conviction.

Gregory Bretzing has been rewarded a cushy civilian job, Dan Love was fired, but the rest of this group is still inside government and has the power to inflict on more innocent Americans. But then what kind of retaliation or where will Bretzing or Love appear in positions of armed power to threaten perhaps you in your community again?

None of this is American. It is not what John Wayne Hollywood nor J. Edgar Hoover's public image of the FBI was ever meant to be. Americans used to never act this way in Christian America as they had dignity and honor, and sought to protect their fellow Americans and not shoot their dogs or send pictures of women they were having sex with who trusted them.

As this blog reported in 2016 AD in the year of our Lord, the People of the West were watching and are watching all of this, in the President, and what they are viewing is they have no protection and not any redress. Those who have terrorized them and assaulted them, are still there, are not answer for their crimes and Jeff Sessions is protecting all of them just as Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder protected these same criminals.

Jeff Sessions is failing Justice and the President has failed the People of the West in voting their trust in voting for him.

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