Monday, February 19, 2018

2250 Weather Front

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It is assessed that HAARP having studied creating radioactive dams to produce fallout in specific zones, limiting it to that location instead of "pretty America" which deserves to survive...........if you need reminding the Pentagon plan was the flyover country peoples could die of Soviet attack while the pretty people of the coasts could lament how grieved they were that millions of people perished for their ivory towers.....that is your reminder of American policy in action in some will die so others will live, that a new experiment is being conducted, as I noted in exclusive matter anti matter, a two thousand two hundred and fifty mile corridor from San Francisco to  Quebec.

This is assessed as a jet stream block to contain fallout, and to create a kill zone from northern California, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, South Dakota, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and of course southern Quebec. You know where all the not pretty people live.
This would make a ruddy good moisture dam for the nuclear fields of Wyoming and North Dakota.

Here is a map of North Dakota for some reason, just as a proof of the miles this not possible front is moving weather across America.
A normal stationary front can bubble moisture producing clouds along a 500 mile front. This though is a moving front of over 2000 miles.

Here is the rub in this though, in this river stream has been pushing clouds along it since Saturday February 17th. The winds were blowing strongly out of the south out of Iowa in this period in warm air and the clouds were moving northeast. By the 18th, the clouds were moving still northeast, but the winds were blowing hard out of North Dakota.
Again all an impossibility in normal weather.

It is of interest that there are weather experiments taking place with regularity, that the focus of these actions appears to be nuclear containment of fallout.

This preparation all has the appearance of failed political policy. Perhaps it is why Mr. President has been so disapproving of the nuclear saber rattler Herbert McMaster.

It is an interesting pattern which repeats that some Americans are always deemed expendable for the deserving Americans.

Such an achievement and it is certain the architects of this weather wizardry are soothing themselves by saying, "Well we are killing some expendable Americans so the majority will survive and thank us, as we all lament this necessary policy".

Something is very wrong and unfortunately this blog is the only source posting on these realities again.

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