Monday, February 19, 2018

Donald Trump just moved to raise your electric rate 200 dollars per month

We take your blood now and will suck your soul out later

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I doubt this exclusive will be reposted anywhere as it will not resonate the red light danger it is to the Trump Junta robbing you of all you have. The title says it all, in Donald Trump will add 200 dollars to your electric bill by a policy he just enacted with a unanimous vote of democrats.

Let the Lame Cherry give you background on this so you come up to speed. You remember Obama eco green power generation of wind and solar power? What you do not understand is that power generation is so expensive that it is subsidized by you. In addition there is a mandate on the energy grid to purchase 40% of all electricity from wind and solar which of course is twice as expensive as coal power.
That is the reason you have watched since George W. Bush left office a 50 dollar electric bill rise to 150 dollars. If Donald Trump truly was an American President he would have ended that mandate and built 100 coal plants across America to lower electric costs again for a real economic recovery.

Once you understand that fact, understand what the Trump Federal Energy Regulatory Commission just voted on in mandating that your power company begin investing in battery storage for wind and solar power, and this battery power MUST COMPETE with generators of coal, gas and nuclear, and your power company must factor these costs in and FILE PRICE CHANGES by December of this year.

As you probably need a simple version to the above in explaining the quote below, Donald Trump just ordered your power company to buy batteries to store power, and then figure out how much they are going to drive up your electric rates to pay for this.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission unanimously voted Thursday morning to remove long-standing barriers to energy storage in power markets, an emerging technology that can solve renewable energy’s most persistent problem: how to use it when the sun isn't shining or the wind isn't blowing.
The FERC order requires regional grid operators, the Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators, to revise their pricing to recognize the benefits of energy storage and allow the technology to compete with generators in wholesale power markets.
RTOs and ISOs must file price changes in 270 days and will have one year to implement them.

This is going to be a massive project in size as this horrendously expensive solar and wind under Obama that you paid for now has a unsustainable output equaling all the nuclear power plants in America.

Do you have any idea how huge of space it will require to store this many batteries? Do you have any idea how this is going to make trillionaires the Buffett Nazi Conglomerates who hold a monopoly on lithium? Lithium also appears in lubricants so this is going to produce a shortage in that metal as there is not enough raw material to create this huge of battery grid.

Renewable energy for the first time is generating nearly as much electricity as the nation’s entire fleet of 99 nuclear power plants, a new report issued Thursday by the Business Council on Sustainable Energy and Bloomberg New Energy Finance.

This battery monopoly is going to expand to immense proportions. NOTHING in this world is going to expand like this in consuming resources and your finances, as you are the ones who are going to fund a 750% increase in this project. This will make the Manhattan nuclear project look like Mayflower next to an Aircraft Carrier.

Industry forecasts predict installed energy storage in the country will grow by 750 percent in five years, mostly due to the declining cost of lithium-ion batteries, said FERC Commissioner Richard Glick, a Democrat.

There are not available costs for this, but I did locate the cost of a Tesla battery for one car. That cost is 50,000 dollars.....FOR ONE CAR. The actual costs for a power plant generating electricity will be greater than the price of a billion dollar coal fired power plant by 500 fold as they are building with rare earth elements, insulating this a battery grid and not putting up concrete.

Tesla Battery Cost: New Report Suggests Model 3 To Cost $50K ...

It's likely the biggest question for the future of electric cars: How low can battery cost go, and how fast? Tesla Motors is thought to have the lowest cost-per ...

So you understand this, the following quote states that these battery storage facilities can only provide power to a limited number of customers for 4 hours. In some locations that is limited to 7 minutes.
This is not anything to depend upon. It is as criminal in scam as global warming, climate change, carbon tax and now Trump Battery.

In 2017 the California Public Utilities Commission installed 396 refrigerator-sized stacks of Tesla batteries at the Mira Loma substation in Ontario, California. The stacks are deployed in two modules of 10MW each (20MW in total), each capable of running for 4 hours, thus adding up to 80MWh of storage. The array is capable of powering 15,000 homes for over four hours.
BYD proposes to use conventional consumer battery technologies such as lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) battery, connecting many batteries in parallel.

The largest grid storage batteries in the United States include the 31.5MW battery at Grand Ridge Power plant in Illinois and the 31.5 MW battery at Beech Ridge, West Virginia. Two batteries under construction in 2015 include the 400MWh (100MW for 4 hours) Southern California Edison project and the 52 MWh project on Kauai, Hawaii to entirely time shift a 13MW solar farm's output to the evening. Two batteries are in Fairbanks, Alaska (40 MW for 7 minutes using Ni-Cd cells), and in Notrees, Texas (36 MW for 40 minutes using lead-acid batteries). A 13 MWh battery made of used batteries from Daimler's Smart electric drive cars is being constructed in Lünen, Germany, with an expected second life of 10 years.

This is going to be an unmitigated disaster!!! As this Trump Battery Cancer is going to have to be replaced every 10 years, meaning the trillions this will cost will appear again in every decade following. This will cripple the energy grid, collapse it and put everyone in the dark.Trump Battery is the rationed death to America that Obamacare is.

There absolutely can not be any benefits in battery storage. The batteries can not store enough power, they are cost prohibitive, are storing energy from a too expensive source in solar and wind, and this will make lithium more expensive than gold. No one will be able to afford to turn on a light or drive a car.

There is not point in restating how grave this is, because this criminal regime is unleashing monthly some grande new scheme to to grind your bones up to dust to pay the Nazi conglomerates a new debt being added to your soul's account.

The cartel just slipped this by everyone and you will notice the Washington Examiner only reported on this and did not warn you of the threat of this. Nothing like paid for shills deceiving all of you children and brats.

Donald Trump is adding trillions of dollars of new debt on Obama debt. America simply can not afford this battery grid, even if each of you had a million dollars in the bank for the regime to steal in inflation and taxes.

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