Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Adolf Hitler's Pan European Crusade

Der Fuhrer meets General  Mannerheim of Finland

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What if I were to tell you the Truth that Adolf  Hitler had a vast army of allies in Europe, led by European leaders who desired to be allied with Germany and to be liberated from Rothchild enslavement and communist Jewry out of Moscow?

The following are the numbers of volunteers who joined with their military  leaders in the war against communist Jewry in Moscow that Franklin  Roosevelt chose to ally America with against the will of thee American People.

The numbers.

Romania, General Petre Dumitrescu 3rd Army
General Nicolae Ciupera 4th Army
325,658 men

Hungary, Lt General Fernc Szombatelyi Carpathian Group
45,000 men

Italy pledged General Giovanni Messe Italian Expeditionary Corps
60,000 men

Solvakia, General Ferdinand Carlos, Slovakian  Expeditionary Army
41,000 men

An entire Waffe SS Division was formed in the WIKING of European volunteers

Spain, General Agustin Munoz Grandes Volunteers

Finland, 475,000 Finnish Invasion Force under Field Marshal Carl Gustaf Emil Mannerheim.

Adolf Hitler assembled almost a million volunteers from across Europe who hated communists and rallied to the National Socialist crusade to rid Europe of that blight. Odd is it not that all you told in propaganda that this was a Nazi thing in German forced labor, when in reality central and eastern Europe were very pleased to have the liberation under way from the menace of the Kremlin.

It is amazing that all those nations who were put into chains by British and French Rothschild finance, were threatened by the jack boot of the Jew communists entrenched in Moscow, all rose up to liberate themselves in their savior Adolf Hitler, and America was on the wrong side, because FDR was whoring America out to Rothschild finance again, as Woodrow Wilson had brought America to ruin in  World War I.

America was on the wrong side in World War I and World War II.  Americans under socialist Washington DC were not liberators, but were the guards forcing peoples back into the economic gulag.

America is once again being led down this disgusting path by the politics of Goldman Sachs and the Pentagon by Americans Nazi conglomerate nation for war in Europe, where America will called a liberator, but with Europe and Asia in ruins, the fact is American firepower will once again be used to slaughter those nations trying to escape Rothschild fiat currency and fractal lending to their enslavement.

Do the research, as the numbers do not lie. Adolf Hitler was not isolated and alone as the propaganda lies to you, the Reich was seen as the liberator to eastern European Peoples who yearned to be under Christian German alliance again in a greater Germay to the Urals.

Once again, another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

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