Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Ronnie Reagan

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Ronnie's closest friends and advisers have often been disappointed that he keeps this distance, especially when he seems more open and candid with strangers".

- Nancy Reagan

The soul of Ronald Reagan was a little boy like all adult's are, in Ronald Reagan grew up in a house of loud voices at night where his alcoholic father was unpleasant, while his mom told the boys to pray for their father as it was a sickness and Jack Reagan did not mean to be that way, as he could not help it.

Nelle Reagan, the President's mom was a woman of the silver lining around the dark cloud. She always taught her boys that if something did not work out, then God certainly had something better in mind and that better outcome would always appear.

There is too much misunderstanding of men. Hollywood and Oprah would have a man filleted on the inside and displayed outside as every man is supposed to cry, rant and pout, like a woman with PMS, when in reality men have comfort zones which they protect themselves with and what is inside is between God and them, and no one else.

There is a story of Ronald Reagan on the death of his father, that his mother phoned him and told him, when Ronnie was away. She told him, "Do not get on a plane and fly. If something happened to you, I could not take that".
Nelle Reagan delayed the funeral and they buried Jack Reagan when Ronnie returned.

It would no be until 2008, in the final year of the Reagan's in the White House where Ronald Reagan told his wife a story of that time in his father's funeral. He said he was sitting the Chapel feeling alone, when he suddenly heard his father's voice saying, "I'm ok. I'm happy, don't worry about me. I'm doing fine here".

Those comforting words helped Ronald Reagan deal with his father's death, but it was an intimate and personal experience he did not share, as it was his experience with his father. He only related that to his wife, in attempting to comfort her on the death of her mother. Ronald Reagan shared something then, because Nancy Reagan understood in the death of her mother, what he had felt.

Compassion is what moved Ronald Reagan to open up, not having to whine about a story, brag about an event, but it was the manly part of him, seeking to help the woman he loved in his wife.

Nancy Reagan knew he opened up, but not why. Her focus was on how much she would have wanted to had her parents give a message like that. Perhaps they had and she did not notice it, or perhaps Nancy Reagan was a woman who needed to ponder the events, and perhaps a once drunk in Jack Reagan in Heaven, was interested in making sure his boy was looked after, the way that boy always looked after him.

A man is a creature unique and fragile as associative and strong. There is nothing wrong with being a man, no more than there is anything wrong with being a woman. Women are open in most instances while men are closed. Women cry and men go silent.

It is a lesson of Ronald Reagan for the ages.