Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Alec Baldwin Company

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Some people have talent, while the majority do not.

For example, this blog is the best blog in the world, because God gave me a talent at it, and I make it look so easy, that everyone thinks they can blog, but blogging is one of thee most difficult formats there are.

Likewise, hosting a radio mic like Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh requires talent. Limbaugh is horrid at interviews, while some people excel at interviews as in Johnny Carson, and even David Letterman was very good at the job, Charlie Rose was one of the best. It is hard to sound intelligent, guide a conversation and make it interesting.

In that Alec Baldwin is a better than average actor. He is not a comedic talent, no more than Chevy Chase ever was or Ryan Reynolds. Baldwin though is capable in voicing his ideas in interviews, as in Bill Maher's type of format, but he is not the talent that Maher is, in having an instinct for it.

That is why it is sad that ABC has placed Alex Baldwin for a talk show, where he has not the ability. His early attempts were absolutely horrid as he has zero connect with the audience. He is an actor and fills space well as he is accomplished in movies, but in the ability to make the audience empathize with him, he does not have that gift.

ABC orders talk show from Alec Baldwin despite controversial past, MSNBC disaster

Alec Baldwin does deserve better than this. He was allowed to go toxic in portraying Donald Trump on Saturday Night Live and now will be a prop at ABC, where he will have nothing but noxious jealousy from Jimmy Kimmel who has positioned himself as the next unlikable David Letterman in Kimmel actually thinks the elites like him, when all he is, is a barking dog.

Mr. Baldwin does not need this at this point in his career. He has a lovely wife, and children and should be basking in his accomplishments. His work is his signature and he does not need to be a political bot to try and be something in the eyes of reporters who have more self hate than they hate Alec Baldwin.

Despite his past history of failure in the talk-show space, ABC Entertainment President Channing Dungey seems undeterred going into his next venture for the network.
“Alec’s intellect, wit and wealth of life experience afford him a voice and perspective we haven’t seen before in this format,” she said. “When we shot the pilot, we knew immediately we had something special that we couldn’t wait to share. We are excited to be working on a series that showcases Alec as one of today’s most compelling conversationalists and highlights the type of intimate discussions that he has captured on his podcast for years.”

There are only two reasons ABC did this. The first is to whore Alec Baldwin to stoke for profit those who hate Donald Trump and the second is ABC was a Bill Casey operation in the CIA, and Donald Trump had Pompeo hire Baldwin to humiliate him in a YOU'RE FIRED.

Channing Dungey thinks Baldwin is a real talent? That is bogus so it is either 1 or 2, a it is not what Dungey is lying about.
Yeah that is the face which inspires one to putting her in control of things.