Tuesday, February 27, 2018

You are all being Played

In America......

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

In the following links is the proof in how you are being played and what I warned you all of what this Florida shooting was about. There are two issues to get you to agree to:

First issue is showing what a fraud the NRA is which is backing new gun control measures, and removing it as donation force for Republicans in 2018.....to lead to the Russian money flowing into the NRA for political campaigns in 2016.

Second issue is the brain check for your rights. This mental health examination is what is going to become the stealth law of the land which will allow all avenues to open from denying you the purchase of a gun, which liberals would cheer, but this will expand to ALL rights, meaning this will be a search of your medical file which are private and which will then be utilized  to deny you citizenship, so anything can be done to you.

 You are being told to focus on Sheriff Israel for his allowing this murder spree to take place. What you are missing is who FUNDED THIS and what role this Brat Pac engaged in.

Reverse Speech points to David Hoag was involved in Florida Shooting

Instead of the conspiracy, you are to focus on Israel.

As Mr. President artfully dodges in pulling back from banning 18 to 21 year olds owning guns as this is about getting into your medical files.

 White House Hints Trump Is Backing Off Raising Minimum Gun Purchasing Age To 21

And on cue, Paul Ryan of the Deep State, is all for investigating you and getting into your private medical records  as you are soothed in this is not about banning guns.

For those who do not understand that if Paul Nehlen had not been taken off Twitter by Ben Shapiro stalking as Shapiro stalked the Alt Right, Trump and White Christians in the Florida Massacre, Nehlen would be replacing Ryan, but now we have a coming law to search your private medical records to deny you your rights.

Paul Ryan: Congress Should Focus on Mental Health and Background Checks, Not Gun Ban

You were warned for all the good it will do.