Monday, February 19, 2018

Are these the eyes of someone you would trust?

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The following is a simple exercise in your primal reactions, as every day, in every person you meet, you automatically ass their eyes and judge instantly if they are a threat or if they are someone you would trust.

 You have seen the above eyes. What is your assessment. Do you want to be  around that person? Do you trust that person?  Would you think it would be a good idea if that person had a gun?

Next assessment, what about this person's eyes? Same question in would you trust this person and would you be frightened if this person had a weapon?


I will tell you now that you have made your assessment, in the person above is Ellen Degeneres. She looks focused, non threatening, happy and someone who you would assess you were not in danger of.

What about the first set of eyes? Would you think that person is a danger to you? And no I will not tell you who they belong to, other than, it is not Ben Shapiro as everyone looks like Ben Shapiro.

What about this person? Do they look threatening to you? Are you afraid of this person? And once again, this is not Ben Shapiro.

What about this series of photos. Do they trigger fear in you? Do they appear peaceful or troubled? And this time, no this is not Ted Cruz, even if the face looks like Ted Cruz.

Quick recap in you have four people, which ones do you trust, and which ones leave you thinking you should not turn your back on them. Or do you trust them all or distrust them all?

Just a few more examples, for your would you want these people to have a gun in their hand by the look in their eyes?

Then there is this one. Would it make a difference if you knew she was a lesbian like Ellen, if she was a female, can you tell she is a female or is this an effeminate homosexual male, or is this a Pastor who lays his hands on Donald Trump?

Last one, do you want a gun in this person's hand, taking an Uber to your high school, and walking through that school, or would you hand them the keys to your home, give them your credit cards and your child's life?

Ok, now you have a list before you of 7 people, none of whom are Ben Shapiro. Do you trust them all, do you trust none of them, or have you divided them up on a list of people you would never allow in your home by the look of their eyes and those you would allow in for supper.

I will tell you that number 1, 4, 5, 6 and 7 are children from the school which Nikolas Cruz attacked. Do you trust them or are they on that list of  "There is something wrong with them"? I will inform you that these children were singled out and chosen by democrats and the fake news, as their conduits to push the anti gun agenda in this tragedy as their media faces. These are the eyes of liberal children.

These are the face of gun control. Your brain will make it's  own assessments, but in this group of 5 my brain stem sends off danger signals as they all are unbalanced from suffering superiority snoot complex to outright raging hatred.
Some might say, "They are reacting emotionally to the shooting so of course they are under distress", but it goes back to the  reality of do you want a gun in their hands, as they had absolutely no problem in picking up two weapons in freedom of speech and freedom of the press to assault the Constitution, Donald Trump, the NRA, Congress people and Americans.
If someone can not be trusted with a gun, then why is not media and speech just as deadly as that is how violence always begins from within the person and the look in their eyes.

Ellen seems to be a person who would not shoot up children in a school, although I do not think I would trust her to cuddle with me, being I am a popular girl. But what of the last one which the astute have probably guessed, in number 3, the person with the soft, questioning eyes? That would be Nikolas Cruz having been taken into custody by the police in his booking photo.

Is it autism in those vacuous eyes, as there is not a hint of rage or fury in the eyes of someone who fired upon high school children while on psychiatric medications as other school shooters have been prescribed.

Why is it that a confessed mass shooter has eyes even more mellow than a lesbian like Ellen  Degeneres and nothing of fury and rage of liberal children like Rahm Emanuel not wanting to waste one dead child's body for their agenda?

So you begin pondering  all of this as no one else will stimulate to think, Nikolas Cruz on psyche medications, obeyed the law before and after the school shooting. He did not attack the people he was staying with, he did not attack the people of that city, he did not shoot the Uber driver, but what he attacked was a school he was thrown out of, which progressed to authority and acceptance the five children who are being pimped by media and politics with their eyes that telegraph a fear warning in all of your brain stems.

These are the facts which those behind this do not want any of your pondering or thinking of. Five children are calling for the end of all political organizations whether it is the NRA or Planned Parenthood, with the shredding Constitutional Rights, and they are being promoted before the world as the voice of reason, unlike Nikolas Cruz.

Shoot up a school - Shred the Constitution, they are both illegal acts. One is a felony and one is a High Treason.

This concludes your exercise in processing information which no one in the power authority wants you to think about, as they jab another electronic prod in your emotions to make you react in another type of assault which is deemed legal.

We perhaps all be pleased that President Donald Trump is going to a listening session with children of zero life experience, who are not adults, can not vote, but their chosen leaders are the group the fake news chose to disrupt the 2018 elections as everyone is now aware of the Russians.

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