Monday, February 19, 2018

Congratulations to Kim Jong Un

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Congratulations are in order for President Kim Jong Un and First Lady Ri Sol -ju on the upcoming birth of their second child. The First Lady was seen in public wearing maternity clothing again, and with the ascension of the President's sister to a note place of trust and authority to serve North Korea, after her accomplished visit to the Olympics, it has been a remarkable success for North Korea and her leader.

I will assume that the outdoor's type of man that Kim is, that he nor his lovely wife have banned fur wearing in the Presidential house, so it was fitting to post a Russian Sable in all it's beauty in the cooperation between Russia and North Korea, a certain alliance that every American would support as Russia is a more mature diplomatic partner and honest broker in East Asia, as Xi of Peking has violated the Korean etiquette and Russian chivalry in Chicom policies.

If I were operating out of 1600 Penn Avenue, I would have the Melania put together a nice ensemble of  New York fashion for the First Lady to add to the attractive appeal to Kim during this beautiful time. What could be more gracious and diplomatic, than in acknowledging this time of life, compared to Mike Pence putting on the most gouache display in ignoring the sister of President Kim, missing a classic Nixon Khrushchev meeting which dazzled the world and opened up detente.

Yes the happy Korean couple, producing another heir, unlike little Barron, who has been left without siblings. Yes the Kims joining Prince William and commoner Kate, all celebrating the joy of life.

Would it be such a bad thing for the most powerful man in the world to congratulate the happy family.

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