Saturday, February 24, 2018

Art not imitating God

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I have from time to time used Lisa Welch, a former centerfold as a definition of beauty. She is a wife, mother of a platoon of children, has a vineyard with her husband and by this a definition of success.
I do not know in surfing the internet that I happen upon pictures in links and just keep following them and finding things which are of interest, like finding broken pieces of glass on a shore. That is where this begins in Lisa Welch Semer in the following things she posts and sells as paintings and terms herself an artist.

I will apologize to those who think this is art, but this is not art.

This is also more Lisa Semer non art.

Lastly this example of more non art, at 9400 dollars price tag.

Ok 9400 dollars what looks like a bad DNA  test that got burned up in a fire? The other looks like some skin disease and the last looks like lava lights which Microsoft media player creates for free to music played on it.

I have never accepted "what does it look like" or "what does it make you feel" as like concerts where those damned singers try and make me clap and sing along, I did not pay money to be part of an act, but instead to be entertained. I don't pray to God and expect to be entertained as I deliver the plea, so when I look at a painting I want to know it is a fat ugly woman and not have to try and figure out what the hell it is.

I hope her wines are better than her paintings, as you could do better with a jug of vinegar, some red dye and six shots of vodka to convince you it was a very good year.

I do think this is part of God's fault as when He created Lisa Welch He did a good job of it, so when I saw artwork, I expected something like that aloof Cristy Thom. See I can figure out that is a bear and I would not buy that either.

I am just puzzled why someone has not bothered to tell people that what they are doing is not art. I get told that often enough in people needing a translator to figure out what I am about.

I always think about Johan Sebastian Bach in telling his choir, if they were just singing for him it would be good enough, but when it come to God it was not good enough. I look at Lisa Welch in God design and everyone pretty much agrees He did it right. People do need to be told the same thing, as God does not sell DNA samples that got wet in a monsoon for 9400. Granted I am all for success and I think it would be wonderful for these artists to sell millions of dollars of this stuff...........but what it comes down to is those who do buy probably were former masturbation enthusiasts who just get the idea and I do not want to write about this any more.

Nuff Said