Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Building a better DVD trap

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I realize by placing this here as a study in what makes economic sense, that no one will really be moved by it, but it is simply a post for people who are poor like me, and have good taste, but are prohibited from access to quality entertainment.

I start this out with my brother in law is like most tards, in he spends around 70 dollars a month on satellite television, which is 130 channels of nothing on it. that is 840 dollars a year pissed away as far as I judge things.

So what TL started doing before I met TL was investing in DVD's, movies and series. I scour a great deal of thrift store and throw away stuff and one can come up with some interesting finds. Gaymazon is one such vendor who allows small stores to advertise on their site used DVD's to a worldwide consumer audience.
Amazon is good this way and that is where this saga begins as in DVD's America is region one, and most players are region one. I covered this in Paul kindly pointed me and others to a proper ALL REGION DVD player, so one can play anything from anywhere in the world, include hack central China.

This all started last November as I was prowling around window shopping on Gaymazon and for some reason Sharpe popped up from Masterpiece Theater for like 6.84 American. This is like 9 movies starring Sean Bean in Erol Flynn type Wellington vs. Napoleon wars. It is fun, gritty, snarky, action packed, pretty women and characters you like. I mean where else can you get a mute nun having a sword cut her bra off, and for a shilling being forced to suck a Lord's dick, but she pulls a pistol on him, makes him swallow the coin and boots his ass packing.
See  that is Sharpe and it is great fun. It is also greatly expensive even if you can get it in Region 1. Mine is Region 2 and why it was cheap, as the English have low prices on everything.


 No Margaret everyone being dead would not make me happy,
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Here is a current example in One Foot in the Grave, a series of comedy which is hilarious.

Region 1 American is currently $118.65 American.
Region 2 England is currently 15.29 Pounds.

That would be around 20 bucks American is 1.50 in the exchange. For 100 dollars one can purchase a great deal of DVD's which is why this works, if one has the 50 to 200 dollar all region DVD players turned out by Bombay and Peking creatively so Sony and Samsung claim absolutely no idea this is taking place.

As this started with Sharpe going for nothing, this package took about 2 weeks to arrive across the water. It was absolutely brand new. The English are a very clean people, compared to Americans where you have semen or cheetos grease on every DVD that you pick up and has to be cleaned off. It moved onto Tour of Duty which is a Vietnam war era series which is very good. ToD runs 19 dollars American, because the soundtrack is chit, compared to the original 1960's rock n roll, which of course Region 2 has. It is why people buy the English version.
In studying this, people were spending 120 dollars for the series in Region 4 Australia when it was available, but all that is available now is Region 2 and the English are figuring this out as they turned out a new manufacturing line of ToD for Americans.

I do not know if the powers that be will ever get this shut down, considering that the big Asian players are involved, but for the time being, it is ridiculous to pay for things in America which are not original or are 6 times the price than in London.

I was reading feedback on an Inspector Morse series, where one poor sod paid like over 500 bucks for that fine detective drama starring John Thaw. It was around 40 dollars in conversion from the British. The thing was the 500 dollar price tag had a crappy transfer which had people having to adjust their television screens.


No Chief Inspector, I can not say that murder puts me into a bad mood,
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This is not for everyone, but it is for some people who really are on a budget. I calculated that our feed store guy spent 10,000 dollars on television and cell phones the past ten years, and that is absolutely insane, because I am like Almanzo Wilder's dad in lemonade or buying a pig or profit, in do you know what I could do with 10,000 dollars!!!!
I figure when I am rich, that I will probably invest around 3,000 dollars in a video library of all of the series I simply adore. The high end is like Hogan's Heroes which is expensive, but when one can get Sharpe for under 10 bucks, you really get a great deal of television to watch and the wonderful thing is, you get enough of this stuff that it will sit for 3 years and be almost like new again in seeing it for the first time.

There is quality television out there, the problem is, it is not on television. My biggest problem in all of this is, is the things I want like Jonny Quest in the original version from the 1960's is not available or it comes and goes and is frequently gone. It just is a point in having to be there at the right time. As I no longer have the resources for file sharing like eMule of long ago, I have no idea if the artifacts I am looking for are available there. It simply is a point I want things in the version I want, and not in the version the regime says I can buy it at.


 Bandit, looks like shark bait today will be dark and light meat....

There is though an alternative, and my discovery was that the same Gaymazon you log in with at America, logs into the UK too. I suspect it would log into any Gaymazon site and it does work. It is one of the Bezos things which is actually working for normal people.

That though is the review in this in trying to help the poor people with the best deal that is out there.

Oh and I read online that the pricks who milked One Foot killed off Victor Melgrew in the last episode by having him run over by a car. Not much funny about that, but it is like Burn Notice in that stupid ending of killing off the mother.

For the most part that is Sharpe, happy endings with Sharpe getting screwed over, but the bad people dying.

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