Monday, February 26, 2018

Reverse Speech points to David Hoag was involved in Florida Shooting

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David John Oates on the Rense program had these reversals on the Florida shooting, and in them are revealed that David Hoag, whose father is ex Comey FBI, and now part of a Jewish targeting system with the shooter used to murder the people at the high school, states in the shooting that his daddy was the source and that it was fabulous when Hoag realized the shooting had started.
This transfer student from California was interviewing students during the shooting. His "this is fabulous" reversal points to prior knowledge.

Sheriff Israel hints at collusion in this, as he sent the "fly" meaning the killer to unleash Armageddon, the massacre and admits that they are the lucifer or darkness.
One of the brat pack revealed in reversals that they messed up and like Hoag hints at a passive knowledge of "the killer" in it not being Cruz.

There is a connected talking point in this of "our elected officials" that keeps appearing.

This is the damning confirmation which various people have tracked down in it pointing to this was orchestrated by the very people screaming gun control and that Nikolas Cruz was a patsy.

Once again David John Oates with Jeff Rense has produced the confirmation of what was suspected.

David Hoag

People lost their faith in America - Daddy our source

We thought this was a drill - This is it fabulous

Showing political action than our elected officials - This will shake for the killer

We talked about to do in this situation - Your gun used it (Self condemnation)

Parent of school shooting victim

Come together - I'll bring a gun

Survivors demanding actions

Stand up  take charge unlike our elected officials - and there is still shit for the killer

A listening session - We messed up

Sheriff Scott Israel

Bringing them to mental health facilty - Together we're the lucifer (They are the dark ones)

Not be able to possess a gun - We shift for our shit

Mental health - Send my fly on him Armageddon (Lord of flies death on satanic evil scale)

A witness to shooting named Alexa
(She said she heard two shooters and was walking with Cruz)

Thank you for having me - Forgive me I seen it