Thursday, February 22, 2018

Congratulations to the Trump Recession on top of the Obama Super Depression

Yeah I showed that car how good I am at catching Canadians


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Yes congratulations are in order for that New York Valued President Donald Trump, as with Melania  banning fur and Donald banning guns, bitch slapping the base, that Donald Trump would have enough time to find success in any other location as his keeping Obamacare around, and prosecuting businesses with huge IRS fines, would have been glory enough for one man, but when it comes to Mr. President, he had time in frittering away 2017 in only giving tax breaks to the rich and pennies to the poor, while stealing dollars from their pockets in  a huge surge in gas prices, that Donald Trump found time to create a RECESSION.

Yes for all the Trump propaganda that the clappers are clapping themselves to death over cheering all this 95 million Americans still out of jobs while the Donald imports slave labor to replace them, the reality it the US economy is now sinking into the Trump Quicksand out in the swamp that Donald Trump refuses to drain.

 Existing home sales, which account for about 90 percent of U.S. home sales, declined 4.8 percent on a year-on-year basis in January. That was the biggest year-on-year drop since August 2014.

For the clappers the Lame Cherry will translate in the Obama Super Depression had 5% housing sales declining and Donald Trump just matched that in his first year in office. The Lame Cherry does not will to be unkind in this though in defining this the Trump Super Depression, but this is more like Obama was the economic terminal cancer, and Donald is the ebola mosquito which is not making you feel well. In other words, America still has the Obama Super Depression, but now Donald Trump has added his own recession to it, as certain parts of the economy begin to implode, housing being the prime indicator.

Mr. President has another problem which has not appeared yet, but all of those bonuses he got the Nazi conglomerates to hand out, were not for Americans. Those were bribes to Eurasians to try and keep them from fleeing back to their shitholes, as they discovered that America is not such a great deal of them, as they can work in Asia and do better there.
That is beside the point, but no one has answered the 64 dollar question in what happens when all of Trump's Visa Vermin exit the United States at once? Why it will cause an across the board industry shut down as there will not be any workers, and there are not enough White people employed in the computer fields to do the job of 50 million missing Curry Indians cutting and pasting their way to bonuses.

U.S. home sales unexpectedly fell in January, leading to the biggest year-on-year decline in more than three years, as a persistent shortage of houses pushed up prices and kept first-time buyers out of the market.
The National Association of Realtors said on Wednesday that existing home sales dropped 3.2 percent to a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 5.38 million units last month.

See this is AFTER Donald's great tax break for Goldman Sachs, and the vermin looked and said, "I'm not buying a shit hole in America to enslave myself to debt, so I am sending all my money home to my shit hole to live like a king, and Americans still working looked at the 90 dollars a month tax break when being robbed 300 dollars more in inflation and assessed that they were not able to afford a 250,000 dollar home, costing thousands a year in upkeep and taxes, when that home was only worth 75,000 dollars before Obama became historical.
That 90 bucks a month does not make a 400 dollar a month house payment, no matter how hard Trump tweets it to be so.

You can watch this from the gas pumps to the bags of sugar. Watch  the cycles in your stores in how prices are spiking, and people not buying, and then "sales" appear at the  old prices, because no one is buying, and companies try and dump their stocks before they rot. Watch  that gas pump as Donald's gas prices are spiking, and that means inflation on all other items. Americans are carrying record debt yet, and Trumpflation is now gnawing the financial marrow out of their bones.  The vermin are not buying homes and the Americans can not afford them, so we are witnessing the Trump Recession.

It makes no difference that bullshit that Lyndsey Williams is  now peddling in oil riches for everyone, as that is years away in full production, as Americans are bit in the ass in Donald selling their oil and gas overseas  in his Russia war, to blackmail Russia to hand over their billions to Goldman Sachs.
As an assessment of this, it is factored out that Russia not selling gas will outlast any Trump economy which is already into recession.
The mark of this is that America under Donald Trump is poised to not make America Great Again, but is about to make America Depressed Again, as a Trump Depression is about to shatter America.  Trump is printing even more money than crackwhore spender Obama, and that makes US money cheap, drive inflation and robs the entire people. Just remember all of the Lame Cherry exclusives in this, in the vermin are on the verge of exiting America in mass like rats off the ship, which will cripple the US economy in a major collapse, and there is not money in America to drive housing as no one can afford these inflated prices.

The Trump economy is a snake, eating itself alive. It is rotting from the inside out and all of the signals are there.

For those who pretend to be upset with this blog for pointing this out, the point of not being a clapper is to warn everyone, so you get the deal you were promised.  There is still a way to fix all of this, but it is not with the fake policies Trump has been engaged in. You solve this by passing Reagan Kemp 1987 Tax Relief as that worked.
You solve this by Reagan deflation in mandating that Americans only pay 1 dollar a gallon gasoline prices and 50 dollars a month electric, while foreigners pick up the tab in spiked prices. That will be worth 9000 dollars to most homes in America, and will in turn deflate prices across the board. This will create a growing economy.
Lastly, you put Melania into fur and you tell the North and South Koreans to by American fur in dressing it,and selling it back to Americans. This as Reagan did, will provide a massive boost to the rural economies and save bambi, which can be hunted to provide meat on the table.

None of the fixes are unknown. Larry Kudlow knows them and has told Trump and Trump instead has screwed the pooch for Goldman Sachs and that is why the US economy entered a recession.

I will wrap this up in my 98 year old Auntie who was an Obamamaniac, voted in 2016 for Donald Trump. She stated today that SHE WILL NEVER VOTE FOR DONALD TRUMP AGAIN.

See the signs are all there in people and the economy. You can't keep saying he is not Hillary when he is implementing the same crappy Clinton gun grabs,  anti fur and money grabs for the rich.

It is why an advocacy must be started for a genuine American who will primary Donald Trump to save America.  The solution is handsome Kevin Sorbo who is articulate and the accomplished Michele Bachmann who understand government to primary Trump Pence in 2020.

I will probably post something soon on the reality of war involved in this Trump  Recession and you are not going to like  the projection of those statistics either.