Thursday, February 22, 2018

Donald Trump Now Advocates Denying Constitutional Rights

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Did the Lame Cherry not warn you children and brats to watch Donald Trump in that listening session to see what gun control he was coming out with? Yes the Popular Girl did, and as predicted, Mr. President has now come out with a most impressive list of Joe Stalin dictatorship.

First up, we learned that Donald Trump lied with his Jewry speech writers in calling Bump Stocks as Machine Guns. This is has been explained and exposed as an absolute lie in another Lame Cherry exclusive.

Lame Cherry: Donald Trump Goes Anti Gun

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter. Given the cover of the Florida shooting as an excuse, ... Here is a photo of a Machine Gun, ...

What Trump did was historical in no President, not even Obama banned Americans from owning firearms accessories. In every case previously, every gun from a Thompson sub machine gun to silencers were always available for purchase with an ATF license. What Donald Trump did is say, "Law abiding Americans can not own these bump stocks, so you are denied your Constitutional Rights".
That is the first time in history a President has issued dictatorial powers.

The bait and switch of Donald Trump though was advocating arming pedophile sex crazed teachers in schools to protect children, which will cost a fortune in insurance coverage, for the next round of Trump Gun Bans which now include these gems.

But earlier, Trump said he supports raising the legal age to purchase a gun to 21, something the NRA does not support.

So you understand this, there are 16 million 18 to 21 year olds who just were told they have no Second Amendment Rights. There is that little thing in the 26th Amendment:

Twenty-sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution ...

Twenty-sixth Amendment to the United States Constitution ... rolls so that voters between 18 and 20 years old could vote in ... those aged 18-20 and 21-29 ...

But none of that matters to Donald Trump regressive rights, as we now know that Donald Trump thinks that 18 to 21 year olds can go die in his Trump Wars, FIRING GUNS, but they are not responsible enough to buy guns while living in the United States. They can not drink alcohol, but they can vote.

As Donald Trump has dictated that 16 million Americans have no rights, and are to be criminalized because a few children were doped up on psyche meds, the Lame Cherry is all for the following Presidential mandate:

  • No one from New York, 70 years old or older can be President.
  • No one from New York, who is 70 years old or older can have money or property and it must all be turned over to administrators.
  • No one from New York, who is 70 years or older can Tweet. 
  • No one from New York, who is 70 years old or older can own a firearm.
  • No one from New York, who is 70 years old or older can golf, because they might slice a ball and the ball may kill someone.

Call that the Trump Law, because  if 18 to 21 year olds can be arbitrarily denied their rights, then Donald Trump should be denied his rights with age, as we just never can tell when that old duffer will turn into a senile zombie.

In addition to denying 16 million Americans their rights, Donald Trump now is calling for COMPREHENSIVE BACKGROUND CHECKS. So you understand this, the FBI already does background checks on every gun purchase. This is comprehensive in it reviews all criminal charges and if anyone is on a watch list.
The reality is now that Donald Trump is EXPANDING this already stated "fix". The NRA has signed off on this, so does this mean that instead of criminal files, the FBI is going to have authority to open your medical files, talk to your clergy to see what sins you have confessed, start reviewing your Social Media posts?

As that is not red light warning troubling enough in that expansion of the police state, Donald Trump is advocating for emphasizing Mental Health. For those who are agreeing with that, let your understanding be expanded in, that does mean your medical files WILL BE SEARCHED. That means if you doctor prescribed you sleeping pills, anxiety medication or any  medication which might change your attitude, as everything from blood pressure medication to birth control changes emotional status, that Americans will be denied having a firearm because they could not sleep after their parents died or they had their menstrual cycle.

"I will be strongly pushing Comprehensive Background Checks with an emphasis on Mental Health. Raise age to 21 and end sale of Bump Stocks! Congress is in a mood to finally do something on this issue - I hope!," the president wrote.

Is the following going to appear on the ATF firearms questionnaire in TRUMP QUESTIONS:

Have you ever been depressed?

Have you ever been sad?

Do you cry?

Answer YES to these Trump questions and you will be denied a firearm, just as Jeff Sessions has for over a year taking medical information on Medical Marijuana and having the ATF reject all gun purchases for cancer patients.
Answer yes to the above, and in this melded medical and gun grabber Nazi Trump State, and you will be receiving a visit from the mental health evaluation team who will be deciding without hearing if you should be committed to a state mental facility, because you did answer those ATF questions the wrong way in which Donald Trump did not like.
And remember in Trumpstate that you are guilty first and have to prove you are innocent, so you just prove that you never have been sad or cried, as you face 10 years and 10,000 dollars in fines.

Donald Trump has just advocated thee most draconian gun grab in history, based upon every Saul Alinsky talking point of making mental health an issue to deny American's their rights. There is not any regulation in what Donald Trump just initiated, it is outright banning firearm ownership and obliterating Constitutional Rights.
Donald Trump has gone beyond what Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama and Jeb Bush would have dared. It is why Donald Trump just endorsed gun grab Mitt Romney in Utah.

There must be a positive outlet for this, as no one is to  become so upset that they ever act out, as that solves nothing. This blog has advocated the primarying of Donald Trump and Mike Pence in 2020. Donald Trump is dependent upon two groups who he has been sucking up to, in Evangelicals and Veterans. That is why Mr. President lets Tony Perkins call him up in private so Perkins and the Evangelical leadership will keep the Christians Faithful on a leash by lying to them as 250,000 babies are year are slaughtered under Donald Trump in aborticide. 17 children in Florida matter to destroy the Constitution, but 250,000 children do not matter as Mr. President imports Visa Vermin and DACA trolls to replace the butchered American dead, as Mr. President has Doug Stone the baby butcher in the Senate instead of Christian Roy Moore.
And this is why Mr. President is always fawning over his wounded Veterans to keep them as a voting block.

Thanks to Mr. President now, in denying 16 million 18 to 21 year old voters their rights, with Veterans understanding this, and Evangelicals awakening, there are more than enough votes to primary Donald Trump in 2020 as the proper way of dealing with this.

This blog has put forward the handsome and accomplished Kevin Sorbo with Michele Bachman as the Vice President, as they have proven themselves Christian, honest and not betraying the base. If you do not like this ticket, then start advocating your ideas as this is where it all begins, as we  now have absolute proof that Donald Trump's ideas are Obama Clinton ideas in denying Americans their rights.

Just stating that you will not vote for Donald Trump again, solves nothing as Joe Biden or Krissy Gillebrand is the same Trump gun grabber. Donald Trump must be primaried with a candidate in the image of Ronald Reagan to restore Rights to Americans and who will keep the Trump promises of 2016 AD in the year of our Lord.

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