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Could Adolf Hitler Save American Jobs

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Most of you reading this, have never asked a question concerning the propaganda you are fed, as you would not know the question to ask, so you simply accept the cover story which continues to confuse you, but as you have no place to begin, you have no reference point to set yourself from from the propaganda.

The Lame Cherry is going to ask you a simply question, as it affects Donald Trump's Visa Vermin slave workers imported into America to replace each of you, and it affects your understanding of the "holocaust" as what were WORK CAMPS of concentrated labor, were repackaged as DEATH CAMPS, and you accept this, along with the narrative that the Nazi's wasted a fortune and materials they could not afford from 1941 onward on gassing a race of humans whose expenditure would bring the end of Germany, instead of trying to save themselves and win the war.

Now that you are thinking as the above makes sense you can begin learning by examining the facts, and asking yourself why Adolf Hitler moved his nation to use forced labor.

A clue of this comes in 1941 AD in the year of our Lord, in direction from Adolf Hitler to Dr. Haljmar Schatcht. Dr. Schacht who was Economics Minister.

"Inflation does not come from the fact that more money comes into trading, but only if individual demands more money for the same performance. Here one must intervene.
The cause for the consistency of our currency is the concentration camps".

Concentration to the German logical mind, meant a concentration of necessary elements to most efficiently produce a product or outcome. If one could as Henry Ford build a city to produce automobiles, the National Socialists could build industrial areas on a massive scale to harness labor to the industrial engine.

In the 1930's, Adolf Hitler in order to save Germany from hyper inflation, brought on looting of  Germany by allies in war reparations, put into place price and wage controls. This stabilized the German economy and it brought prosperity, as Adolf Hitler issued MEFO BILLS, or promissory notes, just as Abraham Lincoln's Green Backs were in the American Civil War. The Mefo Bills also could be traded between conglomerates and all of this spending did not appear on the German treasury spending bills. In effect, like Ronald Reagan spending and bringing deflation, Adolf Hitler brought prosperity to Germany.

The problem was by 1941, German war production was pumping huge amounts of currency into the German economy, not just the conglomerates but the citizens who were working. With that much money, prices rose as consumers competed for goods, and due to British blockade of Germany. This is what Hitler was stating about inflation, but that German price controls would handle the economic expansion, along with the addition of forced labor.

 Walter Funk, president of the Reichsbank, was assured by Hitler that the economic problems would all be solved, and even more wealth would be generated with the assets of Greater Germany, or Russia, flowing into the Fatherland.
What the economists and bankers all understood was that if it was a short war, none of this would be a problem, a protracted war would bring the problem of price rises and inflation. This is why in 1941 that Hitler was already shifting to more industrial, instead of military production. Hitler was placating the German People.

Germany was facing a labor shortage, because  her working males were fighting the war. All of this combined for the necessity of the creation of a labor force, hence the concentration camps, concentrated because Germany imported INTO Germany almost 8 million foreigners to manufacture necessary armaments. No nation could just dump that many foreigners into the population and expect it to not end in a murderous uprising, so the workers were confined to work camps.
The examples of the rapes of women and children in Sweden and Germany, the riots of France, the terror of England an the protests in America, and one understand that Hitler's Germany meant to keep Germans safe, while the globalists intent in the 20th century is to destroy the Western peoples from within and not just war.

The leaders of this globalism or internationalism were the secular Jews. Their Marxism called for the end of society as the world knew it in prosperity and stability, by removing leadership and replacing it with 'community organized Obamaism'.

In the memo, Hitler wrote:
Since the outbreak of the French Revolution, the world has been moving with ever increasing speed toward a new conflict, the most extreme solution of which is called Bolshevism, whose essence and aim, however, are solely the elimination of those strata of mankind which have hitherto provided the leadership and their replacement by worldwide Jewry. No state will be able to withdraw or even remain at a distance from this historical conflict...It is not the aim of this memorandum to prophesy the time when the untenable situation in Europe will become an open crisis. I only want, in these lines, to set down my conviction that this crisis cannot and will not fail to arrive and that it is Germany's duty to secure her own existence by every means in face of this catastrophe, and to protect herself against it, and that from this compulsion there arises a series of conclusions relating to the most important tasks that our people have ever been set. For a victory of Bolshevism over Germany would not lead to a Versailles treaty, but to the final destruction, indeed the annihilation of the German people...I consider it necessary for the Reichstag to pass the following two laws: 1) A law providing the death penalty for economic sabotage and 2) A law making the whole of Jewry liable for all damage inflicted by individual specimens of this community of criminals upon the German economy, and thus upon the German people

As one can assess in this by the reaction of the Nationalists in electing Donald Trump to the Austrians choosing the same protections for their peoples, those peoples in Germany understood this was life and death of the German nation as it was economic terrorism being unleashed against them by community organized overthrow of the nation.

This all centered on a reverse reality than what America is experiencing in being robbed of her natural resources by foreigners, as in Hitler's time the globalists were trying to break the industrial competitors in Germany by charging monopoly gouged prices for raw materials which Germany needed.
America is being triple robbed in the 21st century as her resources are being sold off, her Citizens replaced with Visa Vermin and the people are being impoverished by inflated prices on their goods manufactured in China.

World prices for raw materials (which constituted the bulk of German imports) were on the rise. At the same time, world prices for manufactured goods (Germany's chief exports) were falling. The result was that Germany found it increasingly difficult to maintain a balance of payments. A large trade deficit seemed almost inevitable. But Hitler found this prospect unacceptable. Germany began to move away from partially free trade in the direction of economic self-sufficiency

There were entire classes of laborers in the German system. The numbers by the last year of the war were 7.6 million workers and this is vital in understanding the original question of "Why create this system of labor?"
The answer is that if Germany did have 8 million extra males, imagined if each worker were paid 50 US dollars per month as a salary. That would be 400 million dollars a month, or 4.8 trillion dollars in expenditures per year. Think of it in 5 trillion dollars a year being pumped into Germany each year in additional income. The costs to the state would have bankrupted it as making tanks is not exporting fine china. This explains the genius of the German system, in if one does not have to pay the workers, but only provide for food and confinement, the Reich does not go bankrupt, inflation does not appear, industry has the greatest expense removed from it's cost productions and this societal or socialist economic system would prosper the whole of society for a generation.
Something which you must consider in this is, as the Reich needed these workers to protect their economy and security, the Reich was not about to starve or abuse them to death, as a trained productive work force had value, as it cost more to train replacements.
The Lame Cherry has addressed this before, but it is necessary to understand the refutation of the death camps, in the reason deaths occurred was allied bombing blew up the supply trains of food and medicine. Without that protection, the people became sick and died. The Germans did not abuse nor kill off their workers as it would not be efficient. That is the lie of the propaganda.

  • Gastarbeitnehmer ("guest workers") – Workers from Germanic and Scandinavian countries, France, Italy, other German allies (Romania, Bulgaria, Hungary), and friendly neutrals (e.g. Spain and Switzerland). This was a very small group; only about 1% of foreign workers in Germany came from countries that were neutral or allied to Germany.
  • Zwangsarbeiter (forced workers) – Forced labourers from countries not allied with Germany. This class of workers was broken down into the following designations:
    1. Militärinternierte ("military internees") – Prisoners of war. Geneva Conventions allowed captor nations to force non-officer prisoners of war to work within certain restrictions. For example, almost all Polish non-officer prisoners of war (c. 300,000) were forced to work in Nazi Germany. In 1944, there were almost 2 million prisoners of war employed as forced labourers in Germany. Compared to other foreign workers, the prisoners of war were relatively well-off, especially if they came from western countries that were still at war like the United States or Britain, as the minimum standards of their treatment were mandated by the Geneva Conventions. Their working conditions and well-being were subject to supervision by the International Red Cross and, in cases of mistreatment, retaliation against German prisoners held in the US, Britain and Canada (who were performing similar forced labor) was almost certain. However, the treatment of these workers varied greatly depending on their country of origin, the period, and the specific workplace. In particular, Soviet prisoners of war were treated with utter brutality as Nazis did not consider them subject to protection under the Geneva Conventions, which had not been ratified nor implemented by the Soviet Union, moreover, the Germans did not expect that their own prisoners in Soviet captivity would receive good treatment under any circumstances.
    2. Zivilarbeiter ("civilian workers") – ethnic Poles from the General Government.[13] They were regulated by strict Polish decrees: they received much lower wages and could not use conveniences such as public transport, or visit many public spaces and businesses (for example they could not visit German church services, swimming pools, or restaurants); they had to work longer hours and were assigned smaller food rations; they were subject to a curfew. Poles were routinely denied holidays and had to work seven days a week; they could not enter marriage between themselves without a permit; they could not possess money or objects of value: bicycles, cameras, or even lighters. They were required to wear a sign: the "Polish P", on their clothing. In 1939 there were about 300,000 Polish Zivilarbeiter in Germany. By 1944, their number skyrocketted to about 1.7 million, or 2.8 million by different accounts (approximately 10% of occupied Poland's prisoner workforce). In 1944, there were about 7.6 million foreign so-called civilian workers employed in Germany in total, including POWs from Generalgouvernement and the expanded USSR, with and a similar number of workers in this category from other countries.
    3. Ostarbeiter ("Eastern workers") – Soviet and Polish civil workers rounded up primarily in Distrikt Galizien and in Reichskommissariat Ukraine. They were marked with a sign OST ("East"), had to live in camps that were fenced with barbed wire and under guard, and were particularly exposed to the arbitrariness of the Gestapo and the industrial plant guards. Estimates put the number of OST Arbeiters between 3 million and 5.5 million.
In general, foreign labourers from Western Europe had similar gross earnings and were subject to similar taxation as German workers. In contrast, the central and eastern European forced labourers received at most about one-half the gross earnings paid to German workers and much fewer social benefits. Forced labourers who were prisoners of labour or concentration camps received little if any wage and benefits.The deficiency in net earnings of central and eastern European forced labourers (versus forced labourers from western countries) is illustrated by the wage savings forced labourers were able to transfer to their families at home or abroad (see table).
The Nazis issued a ban on sexual relations between Germans and foreign workers. Repeated efforts were made to propagate Volkstum ("racial consciousness"), to prevent such relations.Pamphlets, for instance, instructed all German women to avoid physical contact with all foreign workers brought to Germany as a danger to their blood.Women who disobeyed were imprisoned. Even fraternization with the workers was regarded as dangerous, and targeted with pamphlet campaigns in 1940–1942. The soldiers in the Wehrmacht and SS officers were exempt from any such restrictions. It is estimated that at least 34,140 Eastern European women apprehended in Łapankas (military kidnapping raids), were forced to serve them as "sex slaves" in German military brothels and camp brothels during the Third Reich. In Warsaw alone, there were five such establishments set up under military guard in September 1942, with over 20 rooms each. Alcohol was not allowed in there, unlike on the western front, and the victims underwent genital checkups once a week.


In the late summer of 1944, German records listed 7.6 million foreign civilian workers and prisoners of war in the German territory

This is one of the most fascinating subjects in refuting the propaganda and the examination of why the Nazi began and relied on forced labor. Compare that to the 21st century American model where the same forced labor is imported to replace Americans who suffer, and then the money paid to the Visa Vermin is not invested back into the United States, but instead is sent back to the 3rd world in this globalist human traffick system of forced labor.

The Germans actually ran a system to benefit Germans, unlike the Americans who are conducting a real holocaust on Christian Black and White America. The reason for putting this into an analogy which affects each of you in your experience is to bring your mind beyond the propaganda, so that you begin to look at the historical aspect of German forced labor, to understand why it was implemented, and if it is judged immoral, then why is it practiced today from Saudi Arabia in Indians, Pakistani's in England, Asians in Canada to Mexicans in the United States.
Once you start understanding the exploitation of  humans as  China spits out it's people and exploits Koreans and all border people, you begin to gain a thought process of examination and learning to start asking more questions.

Your lecture is complete today and you learned more about the US economy, globalism for the past 100 years and how you have been lied to about what really was the German Reich.

Keep asking one more question and keep learning, as your lives in this 21st century depend upon it.

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