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Welcome to the facts of Life.......styles of the Kushner and Kelly

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There is a drama being played out in Trump House in Trumpland which is pitting the Defense Intelligence Agency against Mossad control of Donald Trump in the operatives of John Kelly and Jared Kushner.

This all centers on Jared Kushner being so crooked that he kept having to amend his security application in forgetting how big of a crook he was.

John Kelly must be given credit for being the political officer in the White House, who after Ivanka and Jared set him up by smearing two innocent White House staffers in leaking about their beating their wives, who were Kelly's men, that Kelly turned the tables quickly  in issuing an order that all staffers who have not been cleared from the period of last year to present, will no longer have access to top secret information on daily briefings.
That means Jared and Ivanka Kushner no longer have security clearance.

“That’ll be up to Gen. Kelly,” Trump said during a press conference at the White House. “Gen. Kelly respects Jared a lot and Gen. Kelly will make that call. I won’t make that call.”
President Donald Trump Sr.

While Vanity Fair spins the spin in this drama, there was a turn of events which weigh the most heavily on this, as Donald Trump headed out to the Florida retreat with his two closest confidants, in the "right wing" of his sons Don Jr. and Eric.
That rendezvous was a lengthy discussion on what to with Jared Kushner.

as President Trump headed out for a three-day weekend at his private club in Palm Beach with his adult sons, Don Jr. and Eric.

All of this matters, as this has gone from family to corporate board intrigue where daddy Donald is no longer daddy, but is behind the corporate wall, and the screen in this is John Kelly as the CEO is no longer taking calls from the Kushners.
This is a double edged sword in Mr. President can not override Kelly as it will bring new calls to abuse to power as why should Jared Kushner be given clearance to classified materials daily which he is leaking to the Jewish Mossad.  It is the Catch 22 in this, and if Trump fires Kelly over this, all hell will break loose in stories about state security being jeopardized by the President.

In this, the Kushner's once again fled as was typical in August 2016 when the Kushners after destroying Paul Manafort went for a holiday to visit Guciffer in the Balkans, in that information flow, and are in the West Indies, awaiting the dispensation of the Trump men.

The Trump-Kushners have a history of skipping town during rough patches. When the Trump campaign languished in the summer of 2016, they jetted off to David Geffen’s yacht in Croatia with their friend Wendi Murdoch.

You do recall that it has been Ivanka and Jared smearing Don jr. in leaking about Russia meetings in Trump Tower and the NRA. As a reminder in this, you have to remember this is Donald Trump meeting with his boys, about Ivanka's husband, who has been trying to throw the namesake into prison.

Do you think the facts of life have finally soaked into Donald Trump?

Billy Squier - Facts of Life - YouTube

"Facts of Life" by Billy Squier Year: 1991 Album: Creatures of Habit Lyrics: These are the golden years When people get what they want And you can be one ...

There is a perpetual gossip about Jared and Ivanka Kushner which could be summed up best by Steve Bannon in Jared is a putz who likes belittling people and by Mike Cernovich who says Ivanka is an air head whose main talent is pretending she is sincere as she stabs you in the back.

The reality is none of this matters, because the President by Pence, Kelly and Kushner has been hemorrhaging politically for all of 2017 AD in the year of our Lord.
Donald Trump has forever lost democrats who gave him a chance as my 90 something year old Auntie has stated in she voted for him, but NEVER again.
Trump last week on his Florida gun control has lost the gun owners. His mouthing off about no voting rights for 18 to 21 year olds is another group gone. The Obamacare lies in still in place for 2018 elections are hitting another voting group. Then there are the families who have been affected by foreigners.  Then there are the taxpayers who are going to realize they were lied to and screwed over. Then there is everyone in high Trump gas prices as Trump sold the gas to Europe. That is what is called the Tea Party base and Donald Trump has jerked them around for over a year and still antagonizing them.

With that reality what Kushner, Pence and Kelly have alienated the Conservative Christian Roy Moore base, so what papers Jared can peek at is not the issue, until Ivanka starts looking through top secret papers or mentions classified material then this is real jail time and impeachment for Nancy Pelosi.

All of this makes Donald Trump look even more feckless and John Kelly as the acting President with Jared Kushner the chew toy that no one wants.

In that I thank God, that the Lord protected me from going to work in that White House as that is not any place a good girl should ever have been.

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