Monday, February 19, 2018

David John Oates Reversals February 19th, 2018 AD

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

These are the latest reversals from David John Oates on the Jeff Rense Program. It mostly is more of the same of politics of using the Florida shooting, but Jared Kushner's bed sleeper in Benjamin Netanyahu states that the Israeli regime manages terrorists, just as you were informed that Obama did, McCain did, in this is all about regimes having their own surrogate terrorists.

Mr. Trump does indicate that there is a danger on Capitol Hill that it is never safe for him and that Jews are behind the aborticide holocaust industry........Trump knows this.

Donald Trump

Florida shooting

Today we mourn for those who lost their lives - Now their soul serve the law

To law enforcement - Never safe in the hill (Capitol Hill)

Spoke to Govenor Scott - Make you thee deal and win it

Not enough to take actions - You'll miss the fun

I spent alot of time with Marco  - Combat he does become a gun

Thank you very much - Relax America

She was not aborted - Jewish thy knife

Russian hoax

This is what they did best - Sad they get the myth

Rotten job running - Squash it

Herbert McMaster

United States need to take action - No Iran

Tell Iran to respect rights of their citizens - Give them this license (The people to protest)

Problem with North Korea - We nuke it

Russian propaganda - The way to deal with Obama.

Benjamin Netanyahu

Trying to do the same thing in Syria - Are we in - Send them DICE Unit (terrorists)

Nancy Pelosi

How to - I make a senator spy

People don't understand - The hell with that

Sarah Huckabee Sanders

Defense spending - It will shine in the wall


We don't discuss security clearances - It's hard to view political Marxist

George Soros

Of course I was not doing it - Stay calm

We were there - They want to get you


Time traveler from 2030

Whether you like it or not - I need a family

100% certainty - Evil will follow me

of what it is - Honor the kill