Thursday, February 22, 2018

Democrat Cops Hid as Florida Students were Shot

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I laughed today when a called from Florida phoned Sean Homo Hannity up and said Sheriff Scott Israel was nothing but a political hack democrat, bent over for Debbie Wasserman Schultz and spewing gun control. Hannity stuck up for Israel though and shut down the caller. The problem with this is the new information which has come to the public's attention in Bob Israel in affirmative action hired a gun toting cop to be on the high school campus, and when the shooting broke out, Israel's cop, HID AND REFUSED TO ENTER THE BUILDING UNTIL AFTER THE SHOOTING STOPPED AFTER 6 MINUTES.

"Sheriff Scott Israel said Officer Scott Peterson failed by waiting outside the Marjory Stoneman Douglas HS building for about 4 of 6 minutes while [the shooter] killed 17 people," wrote Caputo in a follow-up tweet. "What should Peterson have done[?] Israel [replied]: 'Went in. Addressed the killer. Killed the killer.'"

See this sort of ruins Donald Trump's plans of arming a bunch of liberals to save children when they are more interested in saving themselves for their pensions. Perhaps Donald Trump could hang donuts on children and give police the reason to risk their lives.

Sean Hannity keeps spouting off about arming retired cops and veterans, along with Wayne Lapierre from the NRA, but there is a little rule about self defense, in one literally has to shoot a murderer to stop them from shooting innocent people.
Hiding does not seem to do it, nor eating donuts, nor handing out tickets to bratty rich children to raise money for Broward County's donut fund.

See this is why I have zero respect for cops or veterans who employ themselves always to show themselves of how much in charge they are, because they all are cowards. The reason they are alive is the brave people die as they are always lagging back.


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Literally, there is absolutely nothing more easy than to close on a shooter firing multiple rounds, because they are distracted, can't hear you, and are done with their adrenal surge and are hoping someone appears to put a bullet into them.

I suppose the parents of that high school should be thankful as if this cop had shown up, he probably would have killed a half dozen more children while he missed the shooter.  I suppose that will be a defense in lawsuits as democrat Israel will say he saved lives by having an officer who hid in the shrubbery.

Well Mr. President, you and Homo are going to have to find some other genius plan as Marjory Stoneman Douglas already had your plan in place and it got more kids killed as the cops saved themselves again.