Thursday, February 22, 2018

The NRA Wet Spot

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

Due to the serious nature of the NRA advocating gun bans with President Trump, the Lame Cherry defines that the face of the NRA if Wayne LaPierre's wet spot, known as Dana Loesch is not the image of wholesomeness of Harlon Carter in  This is the NRA.

I do not understand Guns and Ammo after it's sale in combining bad fashion which makes a woman look like she has a guy body.
Then again, there is the various tramp photos of Loesch which begin with zebra stripe wide body dresses.

Then there is more BDSM leather, which is always good to combine with choker collars as we all want the NRA and gun owners to look like sex perverts and appeal to  them.

This air head one is really a good look, as we all want the NRA represented by dope tard zombies

And here we have the photo of what women are good for,  looking like tarts sitting on men's laps.

And here is Dana Loesch on gun issues thinking with her tits. Yes that is the message the NRA needs to send.

 And lastly creme de la creme, or cock cum on a woman.


This is the face of the NRA that the NRA brought to that sham at CNN and it is past time that gun grabber LaPierre gets fired from that multi million dollar job of handing guns over to leftists.

Idiot Editor of Communist Front Group ‘ThinkProgress’ Mocks Dana Loesch Over CNN Town Hall; Shockingly, CNN’s Jake Tapper Defends HER

Why would Tapper not defend Loesch, she is doing the job of smearing the NRA from the inside as that is what the Molotov Media want.

I really do not want the eye porn of the NRA's wet spot in Dana Loesch degrading Gun Owners, as seeing Wayne LaPierre's cum stain on this shorts is not what NRA members send millions of dollars in for preserving gun rights.