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HAARP's Nuclear Snow Bomb

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This is a continued assessment and study of HAARP as projected by NOAH radar images of the weather modification patterns which are abnormal, and are concluded to be generated in order to offset the effects of nuclear fall out in the United States by creating hot zones fallout corridors.

The above photo begins this in the weather stream moving northeast and the blob of moisture which appeared over Kansas and Nebraska.

12 hours later this stagnant generated river of air created an oval as the front moved almost 2000 miles in that number of hours.

The red circle indicates the non rotating center of what would be a nuclear snow  bomb as HAARP has generated this effect for a phase two in containing nuclear fallout.

This circle is still defined hours later, but NOAH was predicting heavy snows in Minnesota, Iowa, South Dakota and Wisconsin, which did not seem possible as this system was flowing east north east at 12 o'clock on the 22nd of February.

By 4 pm eastern the entire mass lifted as NOAH predicted, obliterating a previous dry line on the South Dakota border which had produce a flat anvil effect there, with the storms moving rapidly out to sea in New England, the Tennessee simply evaporating its moisture, and another huge blog of "weather" appearing in Arkansas, coming out of dry Texas and Oklahoma.

This is what transpired between 12 o'clock eastern and 4 o'clock eastern. The massive front which hung over New York for two days, simply moved 1000 mile out to the seacoast, leaving the Ohio dry.
Note that over Washington where that splotch of clouds hung for 5 days, it disappeared and reappeared over San Francisco where this original weather stream generated by HAARP appeared.

Somehow with no moisture on the southern plains, Arkansas became a monsoon, and that ball of moisture which was stopped like a wedge on the South Dakota Nebraska border ballooned north and covered five state.
I remind you that this is not summer, where heat is evaporating moisture, this is winter with 20 degree temperatures and somehow moisture is being created without any weather fronts.

This jagged mess is not what one is supposed to witness in the smooth outlines of Lo pressure systems which are rotating like a toilet bowl. This weather looks like a fragmentation grenade is going off in the atmsophere, as there are not even any traces of the original  torrent of air, as one can note on the east coast over New England.
You are witnessing on one map thee most impossible of weather and yet it is appearing and reappearing over the United States weekly.

From a signature pattern, a weather blob appears over Washington state and hangs up. Then a massive jet of a river of moisture flows from California to Quebec. Following this, an arc line appears in front of this from Texas to New York, which then has the California line move 500 miles southeast to the Texas line.
After this two moisture balls appeared in Texas and Nebraska, which then blew up into these jagged moisture formations again lifting north and east.

In back engineering this from a NORAD / Pentagon standpoint, if a nuclear attack happened upon the United States striking the main points of missiles in Wyoming, North Dakota, with bases in South Dakota, Colorado and Nevada, what would take place is a fall out radioactive river from California to Quebec as these fronts disappear at the Canadian border by magic.
What follows after the first hot zone drop is a second arc which stretches from Texas to New York. This would be days later and a probable second strike follow up by the Eurasians. This would create two 100 to 150 mile wide kill zones, with minor radiation over the remainder of the country.
Lastly, a sort of cleansing weather bomb would hold and dump this fallout over Omaha which would be struck in the first attack or second, and hold a hot zone blob over the same hot zones in eastern South Dakota and western Minnesota, with eastern Oklahoma, Arkansas and southern Missouri expendable.


Historical Prevailing Winds in the United States

This seems to create kill zones over the rednecks, rubes, bumpkins and hillbillies. It would leave around 75% of the states untouched, factoring in the blast zones, half is probable that 93% of the country even in this concentration would be habitable again in 6 weeks. Of course without proper facilities in personal fall out shelters, arriving at that six weeks would not be possible.
Evacuations would have to move north and east into Canada, but they have absolute zero  ability to deal with 80 million American refugees, little alone the sick, contaminated and no doubt unruly mob which would by gun flow into Canada and begin devouring the resources.

In tracking this absolute abnormal weather where there are not any Lo pressure systems to generate moisture, coming in from the Gulf or Pacific, in zero rotation, that the reason for these generated HAARP patterns is to contain radioactive fall out in the event of a nuclear attack. The weather streams set up as dams to the south and east of nuclear zones, and hold an reform, to contain that radioactive debris to fall out in 100 to 150 mile wide bands, in the main containment from Nevada to Quebec, and the second line from Texas to New York.

Air Force Nuclear Wind Pattern and Fall Out 1950

This is relevant as nuclear theory in the United States held in 1950 that America would survive a Soviet attack due to wind patterns which would drive the nuclear fall out to the Gulf or Canada in four corridors across America, with the kill zones of the Great Plains from Texas to North Dakota as that is where the nuclear missiles and jets were based, as is the case now in flyover country.

Soviet Nuclear Wind Pattern 1950

As one can understand in 2018 AD in the year of our Lord, there is ZERO north south wind patterns from the Air Force doctrine of 1950, compared to the straight east west winds that the Soviet Union experienced for radioactive kill of the majority of Russia.

With that information and of course somehow the program auto deleted this paragraph, we end this with the gem of gems in the absolute zero moisture over South Dakota and Minnesota 24 hours ago, and how it exploded into another HAARP storm bomb.

And this is HAARP's Snow Monster as it generated out of nothing in the final kill shot on Minnesota, before it moves to Chicago.

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