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The Real Nikolas Cruz Begins To Appear

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This blog was first to point to the question of where did Nikolas Cruz originate from, as from his Jewish background and the different stories concerning his adoption with his brother, points to something which is beginning to look like was a baby for sale ring operating out of Eastern Europe which Vladimir Putin shut down in Russia.
To the point, this blog stated that Nikolas Cruz looked Slavic Eastern European, and now evidence is pointing in that direction.

The source in this is the always investigative Yiochi Shimatsu who posts on Rense in revealing insights and leads which no one else will uncover.

I am not vouching for this being a commando strike, but if one reads the article, something as off in this just as in Sandy Hook.
I actually heard the firing at this Florida school,  and it was rapid and precise. From a tactical standpoint if this was Cruz, he was an extremely poor shot and was dressed in full body armor, again how large of bag did Cruz have in the Uber ride, and to haul that much armor and ammo to that school, and no one noticed a kid with this huge of bag? More to the point, where is this bag of body armor and nothing of it has been mentioned by law enforcement.

a teacher on the third floor of building 1200, as quoted in ABC News:
At first glance, she thought the shooter could be a police officer because of the way he was dressed in ‘full metal garbcomplete with helmet, face mask and bulletproof armor.

By Yoichi Shimatsu
Exclusive To

This examination of evidence though is not on numbers of shooters, but on the details of Nikolas Cruz as we discover he was living with a former military intelligence officer, who was the source of defining Cruz as a monster, and yet with this training, neither claimed to have noticed anything off about Cruz?

Into this, there is confirmation that Nikolas Cruz was about to become a millionaire in a short period of time. He obviously had money, as the media stated  he had  purchased 10 weapons in the past year, but again where are these weapons, and  more to the point, where was this kid with an ailing mother able to afford at least 6000 dollars in firearms over a short period of time, especially as Mr. Shimatsu  suspects that Cruz  was in a mental health facility for several months.

The Cruz family fortune also casts light on his probable involuntary role in the Parkland school attack. The stepmother Lynda Cruz nee Seda drew her living expenses from rental properties owned by her late husband Roger, who had worked at advertising in New York, but died of a heart attack in 2004. While her health severely declined in summer 2017, Lynda was preparing to file a claim in probate court for sale of her husband’s property, since Nicholas was nearing college age. He told his host, Jim Snead, that he would inherit $800,000 on his 22nd birthday.
Snead, by the way, is a former military intelligence officer in radio-signals technology, part of that applied to space communications. Whether his personal area of expertise is connected with Dr. Lubin’s work in neuropsychology at Florida International University is a matter for follow up investigation, since Cruz’s “hearing voices in his head to commit the massacre” was potentially directed through radio-microwave interfacing with brainwaves of the same frequency. This could have some bearing on the similar earlier claim of mental messaging by the gunman who shot dead six people at Fort Lauderdale airport in January 2017

The background of Nikolas Cruz is shady  and this points to he likely was purchased overseas with his brother, from a poor Jewish girl in Eastern Europe. This becomes more entangled as Lynda Cruz's sister in law, a Kumbatovich was the source for the information that Cruz was  troubled and on medication, even though she had no contact with the family.
We discover that Lynda Cruz  was married  previously to a Coatian by the name of Kumbatovich, which explains the unexplained association where this sister in law appeared with all of the details.

According to the local Sun-Sentinel newspaper, Lynda and Roger Cruz adopted Nikolas “on the day of his birth”. Yet local sources claim that his younger “biological” brother was adopted at the same time, which is impossible. How is that an unwed mother after surrendering one child is going to become pregnant again within four months only to give that newborn away, too. Is there anything about this kid that’s not entangled in complications?
After many of the family secrets went to the grave, now much of the incidental online information has also been scrubbed from the Internet, possibly because Lynda’s former in-laws may well be holding security clearances. The quick browsing for my earlier articles turned up the fact that Lynda had previously been married to the son of a Croat immigrant of surname Kumbatovich, whose brother is/was Nikolas, which explains the Eastern European spelling of her son’s given name. That break-up must have been emotionally upsetting, since Lynda had only once introduced the boys to the former in-laws.

We know that the Cruz's were old and wealthy when they acquired these two Jewish boys. The younger died of unreported causes, and both Cruz's died from age related conditions. We also know that Lynda Cruz was Lynda Seda, a name of Sephardic origin in being Jewish out of Spain and  with a common link from Spain to Turkey, and the meaning is Silk, in other words these were Jewish silk merchants in their guild in Europe, so were of some vast wealth, connection and power.

SEDA: Kovno | lithuania - International Jewish Cemetery Project

The IAJGS International Jewish Cemetery Project mission is to catalogue every Jewish burial site ... Alternate names: Seda [Lith], Shad [Yid], Siady [Rus, Pol ...

This is another red light in this, as one intelligence officer, a child with a shady past, appears now under the care of a Jewish psychiatrist in Dr. Lubin who runs a vast program of studying behavior in children. He worked for military intelligence and then NASA.
It is to the point as Donald Trump is intent on grabbing guns,  that the real issue in this is who grabbed Nikolas Cruz, in what appears to be a Jewish mother from eastern Europe, and this twice orphaned child becomes the patient of state custodial care, placed on psychiatric medications, suffering from Autism, probably brought on by too many  childhood immunization  at time for an imported baby, and after disappearing for a few  months, appears in identity on Youtube wanting to shoot up schools after coming under Florida state care.

After turning 19, Nikolas Cruz was drafted into the major league of psychiatric care under Dr. David Lubin, co-director of the Children’s Center for Development & Behavior in the Sunrise district, located in the dog-leg corner of Broward County. Dr. Lubin is a graduate of Auburn University in Alabama, where the psychology department continues to receive research grants from the Department of Defense, especially in his two specialties of human engineering and neuropsychology, which rely on MRI scans of live-patient brains. After graduation, he went on to work with Army Intelligence and then NASA. He is also an adjunct professor at Florida International University, which is funded by the Carnegie Foundation, especially its pet project of better teaching methods through improved psychological control systems. By his odd gaze, Cruz looks like he’s been though some robotic training experiments.
His sessions with Dr. Lubin apparent began in early December. Working backward in time, Nikolas moved in with the Sneads at Thanksgiving (probably in a paid arrangement with the state mental-health program). His mother had died on November 1, 2017, of pneumonia infection during late-stage cancer. He had been expelled from Parkland school in September, at which time he “went away.” It can therefore be presumed that he was institutionalized for more than 2 months in autumn 2017.

For a moment just play devil's advocate in this, as we all are now experiencing the Soros coordinated Brat Pack about to march on Washington DC, as Donald Trump is grabbing guns worse than Obama, we have a child who had behavioral issues, in nothing violent, but being disrespectful of his mum. He enters Florida state care and is housed by DIA intelligence connected indviduals, and reappears on the other side a school shooter, who is reported to the DC FBI who do not alert the Miama FBI.
Below  the surface this looks like someone decided to create a Sirhan Sirhan patsy to be the focal point of an already created gun control push.  Do not forget that Charles Grassley (GOP) and Diane Feinstein (Democrat) were meeting days before in an agreement to begin a  gun control push in Congress.
Too much coincidence and convenience in all of this once again as if like Adam Lanza at Sandy Hook, another patsy was created.

We need all of the facts and those facts are being denied. The  real problem in all of these shootings is psychiatric care and prescribed medications.  From the above evidence alone,  Nikolas Cruz  should not be facing a criminal trial, but should be in a psychiatric ward as that is apparently where he was in treatment at the end of 2017 AD.

We have to discover where this child came from in he appears to be a Jewish boy from Europe who somehow entered  the United States, and then somehow entered into state care, and appeared on the other side a school shooter.  The problem is not guns but medications and the story where  Nikolas Cruz orginated from. The real Nikolas  Cruz is beginning to appear, but it would be of benefit if America knew who this orphan boy was, before they executed him.

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