Thursday, February 22, 2018

I am Scot Peterson - I am David Hoag

I'm not a coward, I was just protecting me......


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really appreciate the heroes of democrat Broward County Florida as they have graduated from stealing elections for Al Gore in hanging chads to being the epitome of low lifes of the planet. My two personal favorites are Scot Peterson and David Hoag.

Peterson who is often mistaken for a minority due to his pictures, is the leading candidate in protecting himself during the shooting and serving himself up his pension. Now mind you cops have legal right to stand around and watch murders murder children and not save anyone as that is the law, so do not be hard on Peterson as you are the ones who are idiots for believing Andy Griffith was how cops are in America. Scot Peterson had it right, you hide behind a concrete pillar, call in the cops to let them get shot, and then you have a teacher defend you in saying that all you could have done is die, so it was better to just let kids die as who needs American kids.

 Peterson hid from Cruz when the teenager started shooting. Burton, who used to be a professional baseball player, said Burton hid behind a concrete column

I certainly hope that the Parkland police are better at their job than Peterson, or that entire family is not going to be safe in this democratic stronghold.

Deputies are guarding the home of the Parkland school ...

Armed police are guarding ... Sheriff 'sick,' 'devastated' that armed resource officer 'never went in' during Florida ... Scot Peterson Parkland shooting ...

Apparently it is not too difficult to get employee of the year with Sheriff Israel around.

In 2013 Peterson was also named Broward County Sheriff Parkland employee of the year

Please send more money as I don't want to share...

Lastly, that FBI Hoag boy is our other favorite. Who could be a better book end for Scot Peterson than David Hoag, who no one has proven that he even was on campus or if he was hiding bravely behind a column while children died.

For a 17 year old Hoag has made out pretty good. He got a million dollars from George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey. He is on his way to Washington for a nice spending spree and I suspsect he will be the next anchor on CNN as he is media director at that high school.
Most people just did things like mourn or show respect, but this Hoag kid is making out like a bandit.

So what could be the best face for gun control than a cowardly cop or a pimpin' prick, in both are self  promoting themselves and at the center of it is the  money.