Thursday, February 15, 2018

Invading the Bear's Cave

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As Donald Trump is producing a policy which will foment a continental war with Russia which will expand into the Great Eurasian War, with a Chinese invasion in securing the American oil fields in Alaska as Europe becomes scorched earth, a historical examination of the reality of war with Russia is essential, and in war planning the Lame Cherry will provide the correct military planning to invade Russia and defeat her.

This is important to comprehend in, no one who has ever invaded Russia has beaten her, as her territory is too expansive and hostile to armies. What killed the Grande Arme of Napoleon and the Hitler's Wehrmacht Blitzkrieg were the same issues in expanse, supply, attrition, war, mud and winter.
In war season, the French and Germans began the war at the correct dates, the German's began Barbarossa on June 22nd, 1941 AD in the year of our Lord,  but it required to September to secure the area to the old Russian boarder, and Ukraine was still a rear area problem in the Romanians destroyed their allied army before Odessa, fighting a modern war with last war failures.

Kiev in Ukraine as much as distance neutralized too much of the German army in Operation Barbarossa, so that when that phase did kill the communists, a new operation was began in October called Typhoon, but in October the Russian rains and mud begin, which ends lightning warfare and consumes critical fuel.
Simply stated, the Germans when they could move smashed the Soviet front to almost collapse of all Russia, but after two weeks of lost men an equipment and the inability to resupply their armies on the Eastern Front, instead of an armistice, the Germans like Napoleon began a long retreat where Russia brought ruin to their once grand armies.

It is in this examination of what Donald Trump must do, or face the exact same defeat and this time the full control of Europe by Moscow, with their nuclear shield in place, a battle plan to not be defeated by expanse, attrition, winter and mud, will be built upon how Adolf Hitler and his general staff could have won the Eastern Front, before the rasputitsa or autumn rains and mud which consumed the French and German armies.

Hitler and his General Staff began Barbarossa correctly, as the bottom map shows, but the correct battle plan would have in driving the Russians back to a St. Petersburg - Minsk - Odessa line, would have given the Russians what they expected in a Napoleonic attack focused on the fields of Ukraine and driving to Moscow, as that is where the communist defenses formed after Kiev  in the two pockets the Germans created in Typhoon at Viats'ma and Briansk, where the Wehrmacht crushed almost 10 Russian armies, taking half a million prisoners and Stalin allowing that many to be killed.

In this battle plan though, we will follow what some German officers warned against in using too many resources on Kiev, but instead utilize Kiev in what General Patton termed, "Hold them by the nose and kick them in the pants".
Meaning, our battle plan will hold the Russians at Kiev as a salient, with Odessa the southern anchor point, and with the Soviet armies concentrated middle and south, we open a new front in the north.

 Finland provided a half million seasoned Soldiers to the German alliance, and in that, we  would have in control of the Baltic Sea, moved three German armies by ship, not burning tank tread nor fuel, but utilizing shipping to Estonia where our Army Group North would have in August smashed to St. Petersburg, rendezvoused with the Finns and broken out to gain control over the North Volga to the White or Barents Sea.

Army Group Center would hold most of the Soviet forces before it and in this salient create their own salient between Minsk and Kiev, while Army Group South, with the Romania forces pressuring Kiev, would allow Panzer groups to smash forward to Donetskand Kharkiv.

These points are important as the Wehrmacht has not used up resources to make these gains, but has struck with overwhelming and lightning forces into areas not sufficiently defended.

It is at this time to explain the purpose of the above, which is to establish a seaport at St. Petersburg, where barge shipping, utilizing the Volga will provide overflowing supplies to the Wehrmacht of Army Group North.

The Soviets now would be faced with a grave danger. If they stay and hold the Kiev and Minsk line,  the Northern German Army will smash into Moscow within five days. If they retreat, they will be shattered by the German advance and Stuka bombers as the airfields and supply are in German lines of communication while Moscow is outside this zone.

The Soviets if they delay will be encircled. If they redeploy they will be shattered. Whatever the Kremlin does, it's forces will either be routed or Moscow will be seized.
It is important to note that Heir Hitler never intended to take Moscow as the Russians had booby trapped other cities. Moscow was to be cordoned off and killed by a German defensive perimeter.

This is a close up map of the Volga Line. German Army North would smash St. Petersburg, drive up the Volga to gain control of barge supply shipping for the armies and send divisions unhindered directly to  Uglich north of Moscow as a staging area, and a second division out of Latvia to flank the Vias'ma armies and strike to the headwaters of the Volga placing Moscow in jeopardy, which would trigger the infamous Moscow Defense Line.

 The end result of operations by September 1st, 1941 AD in the year of our Lord, would be a German line from the White Sea south to Ulgich, with full supply and superior position.
Northern Army would have linked with Group Center, and communists which had not withdrawn from Kiev and Dnipropetrovsk would be encircled as Army Group South smashed northward on the drive toward Moscow. St. Petersburg would be the major Luftwaffe base to smash Russian bases in the air defense of Moscow.

Two encirclements would take place, one of Moscow and one which would isolate 10 to 15 Russia Armies, without resource or escape.

 The Russians would collapse into the Vias'ma and Briansk pocket as Moscow would come under full Reich control.
"Russia" would exist in the barrens from Archangel  to Volgograd, as German air power and artillery would smash the pockets of Viaz'ma and Briansk.

 The Russian Front effectively would be beyond the Ural Line. In this reality of December 1941 as Japan struck America as Franklin Roosevelt intended to take place. Germany would be in absolute control of Greater Germany.
The Turks which signed a non aggression pact with Germany, upon this kind of German success, would begin assistance to the Reich in striking at British in the Mideast, with Japan a new ally of Germany would re open the front against the Soviets and pin remaining Russian forces there.

Berlin seizing Russian production, would become a manufacturing giant of industry and war. America would cease having a functioning ally in Moscow and Germany would move to invade England and end all American base support to prosecute a war in Europe.
It is doubtful that given this situation, that FDR could have politically declared war on Germany after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, as England would cease to exist if she did not capitulate, as America had enough to deal with in FDR's Japanese War with the German Reich as a manufacturing base.

I digress.

In  order to defeat Russia, it is necessary to pin down their eastern front, and to negate the impulse in the 21st century of China to become a human fodder consumer of NATO munitions. This is create by the Volga Strategy.
Donald Trump is better positioned by past preparation in driving the border to Russia already, so no Barbarossa is necessary. What is necessary is protecting supply and negating a Russian military response to utilize nuclear weapons on the battlefield to negate the Trump tank columns.

If Russia is unaided in a promise to China of Russian Asian territory, then Russia can be taken before the mud and winter set in. Russia would have to understand that NATO would strike with like nuclear warheads any Russian positions to neutralize any advantage by using nuclear weapons on tank columns.

It is an enigma of what if, if the Reich simply had wide tracks on their tanks, and transports, had utilized the Volga by a more focused campaign on two operations, that 1000 horses would not have died each week at the onset of Operation Typhoon in being worked to death after being overworked in Barbarossa.

If I had been adjutant to General Guderian, the Reich would have defeated the communists before the rasputitsa. The Lame Cherry is here now and if this disgusting aggression against Russia by the current world regime is to be engaged in, it is best to be done properly, quickly and effectively, to save lives in leaving east and central Europe untouched, most of Russian untouched and alive, and Alaska not having Chicoms shitting all over it, with American cities safe.

This is the way to invade Russia and defeat her swiftly, as Napoleon and Hitler proved the fallacy of their like operations, which were victorious in western Europe, but were negated by Russian distance.
The above would require a quick decision, a protracted war would require an eastern front in acquiring Vladivostock without Chicom interference, but that is why the Kremlin desires China to take the Aleutians and why the Americans are attempting to position in the Stans as operational bases against Russia and China as Southern  and Western bases.

It is why one calls it world war, as it escalates, and keeps escalating to all out warfare. As  all  of Europe and America turned socialist, as is Mother Russia, it would have been better if Hitler had enacted the above battle plan above as the world turned out as he intended. It would have saved a great deal of life and fortune.

That is the best advice on historical examination of what the next war must be fought as and how as that is where all are being led to.

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