Thursday, February 15, 2018

Cannibal America

Theodore Roosevelt with Troop 1 of the 
non sodomite Boy Scouts of America

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In all honesty, forget Donald Trump, forget the shooter in Florida, forget all the spin, but just look at the eyes of Nikolas Cruz. If you are beyond disernment, you are viewing the forensic psychology of a burned out amoral programmed child with emotional rape of his heart and conditioning of his mind, so this is the face of someone without hope and has concluded that there is only one remedy in his helplessness, and that is to strike back with the power of a weapon which explodes shells as tearing as the explosive terror inside his heart is driving him 24 hours a day. He is driven to kill that thing which he does not fit into.
These are not the eyes of a human, but the eyes of an animal as the humane quality has been eradicated from inside of him.

This is not some rare event, as there are other children with the same societal rape of their souls with absolutely no outlet. We have an America which is supercharged with turmoil. Everyone is plugged into cell phones, computers, media, and it is a 24 hour a day stimulant of literal emotional rape, which produces a rage where the individual in these instances has no God, has no positive release as children used to have, has no societal boundaries as the cartel in George Soros has everyone cheating and protesting something, so that no one is left in peace for moment in there is not any escape.


This is the face of how a male child used to appear in America, where children could be children, and where children were not assaulted by society, as society reinforced the principles of America was good, our leaders were looking out for us, everyone had to play by the rules, you protected each other and there is a God we all answer to.

Make America Great Again was voted for, not for Whiteness, but for the America which the Founders established as a Christian Nation of morals and principles, where the police state was not looking to Finicum you and the Obama opposition was not performing a coup against the person who was elected.

FBI Too Busy With Trump Probe, Inner Turmoil To Follow Up On HS Mass Murderer Tips

The President has suffered in this, his daughter in law was just terrorized by one of the lunatic left who sent a white powder through the mail, and no arrests have appeared in that crime yet either. The President though is not speaking for Christian America, but runs Jewish script, once again spinning this, because he is playing Evangelicals who he needs for his re election and because they support the Israeli state.
That is why Jesus is handiwork in Trump speeches and not the Son of God, and God's Word has nothing to do with the Word of God in Christ the Lord.

 Where in all of this God talk has Donald Trump shown by example  this past year any semblance of being a leader who could pull back some of these children who are over the edge?
This President has zero loyalty. Reince Priebus who conducted the GOP Christian outreach was humiliated in being ordered to swat a fly and then was fired. Steve Bannon was called a cry baby. There are not any Christians in the White House, so all this White House has, is Jew Speak which denies the Prince of Peace His rightful place in the leadership of America.

What America voted for is not coming out of this White House. There is no talk of peace with Russia, but constant rampages of starting nuclear wars all through Eurasia. The American People have been beat up emotionally for all of their lives, whether it was Read my Lips lies, Bill Clinton rapes, Hillary Clinton crimes going free, W. Bush lying about being Born Again as he now cuddles with Michelle Obama, Birther Hussein was not natural born, and now the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania avenue is rewarding criminal invasion of America by taking from Americans while giving to Visa Vermin.

So President Trump can speak the vain words of grieving nations and mourning families, but when a President is Daca'ing around with America for big business slave labor, to genocide Americans, the words are shallow and hollow from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. America voted for LEADERSHIP in 2016, not a Tweet Rager.

The President in Jewish speech writer, Stephen Miller has a poetic verse which appears, but it is all unreal and anti Christian. It is as fake as the news that Mr. President rages against and these children who are money pits for dope dealers who take those millions and launder them into Wall Street franchises for Trump Brand, while Donald Trump does his select a tweet to blow up situations from the NFL kneeling to scolding Kim Jong Un, is part of the emotional problem of the instability of America.

This must be understood that NO ONE, from Putin, Xi to Kim Jong Un, subjects their populations to this kind of emotional rape, as it is unhealthy and it brings a murderous and hard people. Donald Trump is not alone in this as the media is raging for ratings every day, but Donald Trump is the President, and after smarmy Obama, no compassion W, slick Willy, America needs a leader who they can trust, and Donald Trump is proving to be a person that it is Trump Brand first and the population is there to manipulate.

Where does a child go in this society? Donald Trump never promotes Christian groups. Donald Trump has no outlet as it is all sodomite Trump now to the boy and girl scouts. There is not a safe zone for chilren, and Donald Trump is not leading by example, as America's children are not Barron jetting off to Mar Largo for the weekend.
America's children are the 4Channers who have been exposed to hate America multi culturalism and they despise it, because they do not live behind the ivory towers. Those children though turn to a keyboard to affect change instead of a gun, because they still believe that words have more power to build than a weapon to destroy.


America is in dire need of Donald Trump to take on the persona of Herbert Hoover, who was the President for children in need. He was there for them in showing them that he cared. It sounds liberal whiner but it is the case in a leader has to make a nation believe that they care about them, that they will defend them, that they will protect them, and that no matter what, they come first, even if every other person in their lives treats them like dirt.
No leader can do this to millions of individuals, but it is a trickle through affect. Ronald Reagan convinced Americans that he cared about each of them and wanted a fair deal for them.  Even in the violent rhetoric against Ronald Reagan, there was not a condition of these zombie children as Ronald Reagan gave them boundaries.

When one tallies what children process, they have heard one thing from Donald Trump, and his actions have produced another:

Obamacare rationed death is in place so they are in jeopardy of medical treatment.

Trump Tax rewards Wall Street and foreign families in  tax cuts.

Trump foreign policy invites nuclear attacks on the homes where children cower.

Trump talks Christ, but embraces sodomites who are trolling for children.

I am not stating that Donald Trump or Birther Hussein created Nikola Cruz, but the lack of leadership on their parts has given zero escape to these children on the edge. Is there any child in America who thinks they can turn to a teacher and instead of getting help, instead get some nutty counselor nodding their head, or turn to a cop and the cop not hauling them away to juvenile hall, or go to the boy scouts and not get molested like Michael Reagan was, as children are taught to distrust everyone, because everyone is always molesting them.

What does a Nikolas Cruz have inside of him but turmoil in being a half breed, stuck between two cultures where he does not fit in. His people were lured to America and were exploited, and they know they are displacing Americans who loathe them, so they carry that guilt.
They are handed phones to babysit them, computers to do their homework for them and parents have no time in being robbed of inflation and taxes so they are not around, so kids have drugs and sex, and when that does not medicate their pains, they either kill themselves or unload on society.

Nikolas Cruz is the face of DACA Dream. America chewed him up and spit him out, and he was not able to cope with it as the Christ part was denied him.

What America has done and what Donald Trump has been doing, is not solving what ails America by cartel societal manipulation design. America needs Christ, the real Gospel, a President who by word and deed is promoting that goodness and the requirement that those who break laws in the police state are prosecuted and those who are in the masses are not always criminalized for breathing.

How can it be a surprise when children act out as Nikolas Cruz as they have no moral guidance and no one protects them in America. The surprise is that American children have been able to withstand 50 years of this emotional rape and molestation and is manifesting in these numbers.

Animal psychology proves time and again, that from rats to chimps, when conditions pack them into too much confinement they become perverted in sex, hardened and begin murdering each other. The policies out of Washington in legalized invasion to praising the police state, which criminalizes Americans who are forced by lack of employment to sell dope and themselves on the streets for Wall Street profits, as Trump credit card debt implodes America further, are magnifying  this created Cannibal America by design.

Thirty years ago Nancy Reagan was mocked by the establishment high on coke to JUST SAY NO. Well American said NO in 2016 resoundingly, just as Blacks said NO in 2008, and nothing was done to alleviate their plight. Chicago is still murder central and Americans are still be replaced by foreigners in Dallas.

Children are quite aware of all of this, and quite aware that their future is a lifetime to debt to those in the ivory towers who get the jets to fly around in, while they work themselves to death. As an American Society, Christ must be the focal point for self governance for the next life, to keep the Citizen obedient in this life, and in this life thee American must have proof that they are heard and that they come first.

None of that is coming out of Washington DC, and the silent Tony Perkins who gets private Trump calls is letting everyone down by not being as Christ in exposing the moneychangers exploiting everyone.

You want children to stop being violent? Then adults begin by example in self control and guide children with Christian love.


Scouts guided by President Roosevelt never forgot
the love he shared with them


Proverbs 22:6

Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.

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