Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Make America Big Uns Again

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I really do not know what is the problem with using Google to search for guns, as being the greatest blogger  on the planet, Google has never censored my searches, and in fact Google has been most helpful in expanding my searches to all sorts of snowflake objectionable material.

Like I searched for Bigguns, you know Al Bundy's favorite hooter magazine, and this is what came back:

Sorry Al, Mr. President is going to be having the police
confiscate that finger.

Then I searched for something else and up came Donald Trump and a teacher from Georgia who took Trump's advice and started blasting away in school. Now that should mean Donald Trump is an accessory after the fact in a felony, but I am more interested in having identified the shooter, as it was none other than the infamous Sam Hyde who has been behind so much  terrorism as shooting down black helicopters and other burning power endeavors.

 Trump's Teacher Opens in up in Georgia School Making America Guns Again

I do not know why  Sam Hyde is so slippery in evading law enforcement as Sam does not have his guns taken from him the way Donald Trump says Americans should have their guns confiscated before they ever break the law.

Sam Hyde exposed as George Gun School Blaster
in other news......
Ben Shapiro still looks like alleged shooter Nikolas Cruz in Florida

I think there are more dangerous words than gun. Dictator is one for example as are other words which can not be in print here, as I do not want Google not completing your searches, as we live in a world where my searches are uncensored in gun sex, and when it comes to your searches, you just can not be trusted.

 Sorry Al, you have been reported to the FBI
and they will have you in the nut house by twilight

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