Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Kelly Cuts Jared Kushner's Balls Off With A Hope Hicks Scissor

Miss January, I am thinking about replacing Jared Kushner with you...


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

It is a tough world when daddy listens to Hope Hicks more than Ivanka and an even tougher world when Jarvanka tried a purge against DIA John Kelly, the junta leader, by smearing two Trump male advisors as "wife beaters" and linking it all to John Kelly, via Rob Porter and his cum depository of Hope Hicks.

Kelly plays scorched earth though and now the Kushner's short and curlies are in the fire.

As one can assess, Kelly has his own pogrom going on against the Kushner Jews and their depositories in Trump's White House.

Ms. Hicks’s departure will coincide with those of other people who have been close to the Trump family members in the White House. Reed Cordish, a policy adviser and friend of Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, is leaving his role; Josh Raffel, a press aide whose initial portfolio was primarily focused on Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump, is also leaving; and Dina Powell, who had been a deputy national security adviser who was close to Mr. Kushner and Ms. Trump, left weeks ago.


 As you can see John Kelly has his own amusements in he has his own Ivanka's as you remember that lovely Homeland Security Director Kirstjen Nielsen was another amusement of Junta John.

It was not immediately clear who will fill Ms. Hicks’s role, although several White House officials and external advisers said they expect that Mercedes Schlapp — who Mr. Kelly brought in as a ballast against Ms. Hicks’s influence when he took over the job — will be elevated in some way.

It sort of makes one day dream when Junta John gets rid of Ivanka, in what babe he will install as the President's new daughter.

What was it in Hamlet they said of the Hope Hicks of afore? "Ah poor Urich, I knew him well".