Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Melania Trump would ban Nancy Reagan from the White House

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter  anti matter.

This pope bowing European who is First Lady of the American White House is an education in what all foreigners are, and why the Founders sought to protect the American Republic from immigrants in the White House. Barack Hussein Obama is a textbook example of what the Founders warned of, and now the First Lady, once ensconced in the White House, has quietly been embarking on globalist agendas.

Hidden in this, was Melania  Trump announcing that she would not wear fur again, in effect banning it from the American White House, in banning any American who dared to exercise their legal rights against the Melania Mandate.

Melania Trump Says No More Fur for Her, Despite Its ...

Melania Trump may be the first lady, but she is no longer a fur lady. A spokeswoman for Trump, a former model who has been famously photographed wearing a variety of ...

The basis of this is said to be that strange Pamela Anderson who is now fixated on Wikileaks Maestro, as she visits him while not being a PETA operative sending fake furs to Melania Trump and moving this European to end another American tradition.

The fact is, Melania Trump would ban Nancy Reagan from the White House, as Mrs. Reagan on her husband's inauguration wore a beautiful fox.

For those ignorant of the facts, Ronald Reagan's economic upturn in America, hinged on South Korea driving up the prices of American long hair fur, for their furriers to dress to the world market. Hundreds of millions of dollars arrived to working rural Americans who trapped fur and protected other wildlife in a sound CONSERVATION project which moved America's economy in this renewable resource.
Of course, Melania Trump knows better than Ronald Reagan, and Donald Trump know better than Ronald Reagan, because instead of promoting trade with South Korea, Donald Trump is more interested in starting a nuclear war in Korea.

I did search of First Ladies in the past years before Melania Trump, and all of these NATURAL BORN AMERICAN WOMEN, wore fur and promoted this for the poor in America.

This is Pat Nixon in her lovely mink coat.

This is Lady Byrd Johnson in her lovely long haired fur.

This is Jackie Kennedy in her world trend setting leopard dress which is still moving fashion today.

So the reality is from Nancy Reagan to Jackie Kennedy, Melania Trump of Europe would ban the First Ladies of the United State from their own house, while smearing American fur producers for the globalists and bringing rural America to economic ruin.

With the Trump Clappers it is always one more thing and one more excuse.

Trump didn't get rid of Obamacare, so there is no medical deflation in costs,  but that's ok.

Trump is selling American energy to foreigners, driving up American prices,  but that's ok.

Trump is the president protecting life, but 250,000 babies were butchered, but that's ok.

Trump ban's gun imports from Russia, but that's ok.

Trump ban's legal elephant trophies from Africa, but that's ok.

There is always one more thing, and now Melania Trump has smeared the hard working and Trump voting American fur trapper and predator caller, but that's ok, as the Trump's New York Valued is picking off not my bought and paid for group at this time.

One wonders in this foreign born Melania Trump in her hatred of American traditions, just how much of Trump Amnesty is coming from her hand rocking the cradle? Is this all about Melania bringing in more of her Obama kind as she just does not want Americans around.

The fact is that Melania Trump from George Washington's fox hounds, to Davy Crockett's coon skin cap, to Teddy Roosevelt's buffalo robe coat, to the list of fur wearing American born First Ladies, that Melania Trump despises American Tradition in America's most historic endearing figures.

Gone are  the fringes  of buckskin on the American Frontier. Gone are leather saddles of the Pony Express Riders. Gone are the Horse Hide Blankets which kept a generation of sled traveling Americans like Libby and George Custer from freezing to death in a Great Plains blizzard. Gone is America, as Melania Trump is fake in her fur as fake as Donald Trump's promises and fake as the fake news they both excoriate.

America is being overrun with this foreign vermin who know nothing of American traditions in the White Christian America of German Christmas trees, Pilgrim's hunting turkey on Thanksgiving and the traditions of fur, fish, fowl and game in the intimacy of what it is to be an American.

Melania Trump has been removing American Tradition in her dictatorship from the White House. She has branded all Americans alive and of the ages beasts, like her husband termed his own sons a horror show for conservation hunting.

It never occurred to the First Lady to ask an American about fur wearing, as she has no Americans around her, nor does her husband, as all she has are city dwelling globalists who loathe the American Heartland.

Behind the smile of Melania Trump is the same European loathing of their caste elite of all things American. Yes Melania Trump is too good for American fur, until it is American fur that funded her freedom in being liberated from the Iron Curtain.

Yes, let's get rid of all of those nasty American traditions and traits, because Melania Trump orders so.


The First Lady of the United States owes all Americans an apology.