Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Ronald Reagan's Biggest First Term Mistake

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For Nancy Reagan, the biggest mistake of her husband's first term was Sec. of State, General Alexander Haig.

Mrs. Reagan saw  him as power hungry, Haig thought he was the only person who should be making foreign policy decisions, and when Reagan was shot, Haig announced that he was in control at the White House.
Mrs.  Reagan went on to say that Haig told the President that "Give me the world and I will turn that fucking island into a parking lot". (Cuba)

The list goes on from Mrs. Reagan in Haig was  power hungry, war hungry and was obsessed with his place at meetings in not being slighted. In examination of this litany, what appears is that Nancy Reagan decided that Al Haig had to go, so she like all women found reasons to back up her decision to axe a Conservative.

Apparently Alexander Haig threatened to resign and in one offering, the President accepted. Mrs. Reagan stated that both her and her husband never liked Al Haig.

In retrospect, Mrs. Reagan simply liked two men in George Schultz as Secretary of State and Vice President George Bush.
Again in retrospect, we know that George HW Bush was running dope for the Contras out of Nicaragua into Clinton's Arkansas, liked grabbing little girls by the ass, his  family friend is the one who shot Ronald Reagan and almost murdered him, and the one time Ronald Reagan needed Bush when Reagan was being operated on, HW literally knocked himself out while playing tennis, so America did not have a President for hours in a nuclear war era.
You do remember HW is the one who put the slash across his throat for Donald Trump and you do remember it was HW who had all the Conservatives destroyed for Jeb to run for president.

This is the guy Mrs. Reagan trusted.

As for George Schultz, this was the Rockefeller man in the White House. Mrs. Reagan marginalized all the Conservatives who Americans voted for and went soft on the Soviet Union for her husband's legacy. Schultz was a moderate schmoozer, who if you recall the Iran Contra Hearings, Schultz sat before Congress whining non stop about how Sec. of Defense Cap  Weinberger and other Conservatives left in the White House hated this prick and would not provide transportation for him.

The reality is Alexander Haig was not likeable. He was a right proper son of a bitch. He was tough and he was an American. One does not have to like the  people who serve under you, but you do have to have people who do not betray you. When Al Haig was in charge, no one betrayed Ronald Reagan, as when Mike Deaver was there. Nancy Reagan though wanted the schmoozer who would stab her husband in the back and then she would be upset when Ollie North was not doing what Ronald Reagan wanted, but was running the Marine transports into Latin America in that dope triad that HW Bush was running.

HW Bush would not have gotten away with his coup against Ronald Reagan if Al Haig was there. The fact is Don Regan as Chief of Staff almost got Reagan removed from office, and who would benefit from that by HW Bush, as George Schultz stood silently by for the Rockefellers.

There is a problem with most first ladies in having too much influence in  the West Wing and affecting policy against Americans. Melania Trump in her anti fur status, Michelle Obama having her fingers into everything like Hillary Clinton are all examples of Americans suffering when a wife gets it into her head that her husband needs to do things to make her wishes come true in running America.

The fact is most First Ladies in trying to run American for their husbands, put the big I in run and end up bring RUIN to America.

- Lame Cherry

It is too bad in most cases that when America does not like a First Lady, the country could not fire her, as easily as Nancy  Reagan got rid of Al Haig.

The reality is the first term mistake that Ronald Reagan made was not telling his wife to shut up so she would  not get him impeached or shot by those she trusted.

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