Tuesday, February 20, 2018

My Fellow White People

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

I was on the Rense links today and he had on a link to Squawker which made me think, "How disturbing is this", in the article featured an account on Twitter which  tracks liberal Jews who keep referring to themselves as White People and then going on in racist tweets trashing White People as they suddenly type in that they are Jews.

This is all posted online as meme's which are used by the Alt Right to mock leftist Jews in now it is anti Semite to refer to a Jew as a  Fellow White Person. That of course makes zero sense as satire is not racist, and it is past time that this anti Semite thing gets buried as the fact is the worst hatred aimed at Semites is the smears against Germans to this day over the holocaust. The German People are Asssyrians, Assyrians, like Syrians, Iranians, Arabs, and for that matter most of Western Europe are all descendants of Shem. That is where the anti Shemite comes from, and if one understands that fact, most of liberal Jewry does not have one drop of Israelite or Judahite blood in them, so they are not Semite, but are Japhethite, or the same Eurasian races of the Slavic Peoples.

'Fellow White People': The New Anti-Semitic Meme - The Forward

Jews are fellow white people#MakeMeAngryIn5Words pic.twitter.com/ghS9Zq0TLW— 🅰️'s & 🎱's (@johnramos91) November 9, 2017. The meme is meant to highlight ...

Yet of this My Fellow White People, is called by leftists anti Semite, when the links reveal that it is the leftist DailyKos and Guardian who are the media group which is utilizing the My Fellow White People.

My fellow white people: if you're not part of the solution ...

My fellow white people: if you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem Katherine Craig. ... Share on Twitter;

This is beyond even the abnormal asstard stupid in what the Mockingbird arrives at, as it is so bizarre that it is meant to induce a brain slap which no one could believe anyone would talk like this as it is so ludicrous.

Historically, it was the Jewish Franklin Delano Roosevelt who used the My Fellow Americans, and we have all heard the various idiosyncrasies of different racial groups as the Irish have a fondness for "Me cousins", but it baffles me how this educated Jewish group was somehow so addicted to the term My Fellow White People, as it appeared in these groups and in the same Mockingbird media.
It is just so utterly gouache in revealing an aristocratic snobbery wrapped inside of a plebian half wit statement.

Sadly, this is not just leftists but rests with Texas Christian funded Ben Shapiro, as he has made quite name for himself going around self promoting himself before crowds of idiot children as he debates his fellow white privilege.
Odd in that since Ben Shapiro was busy attacking Nikolas Cruz, a Jew, as a White Supremacists last week. It appears with Ben Shapiro that there is.........his fellow white supremacists which are good, then there are the Paul Nehlen which are bad in the Alt Right and then there are the Cruz Jewish kind which once Ben discovers a Jew, he drops the whole thing.

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro lectures to turbulent crowd ...

Katie Cooney /The Badger Herald. ... elementary education and fellow ... of the private Facebook event "Fuck White Supremacy: Interrupting Ben Shapiro. ...

I wonder in this as we are always told that a Jew is always right, as the American clergy likes keeping them around for pets the way David Axelrod kept his designer Negro Obama around as a pet. So does this mean that on the master race scale that the Texas brothers Wilks who keep Ben Shapiro around as their pet Jew, who hates White Christians, Donald Trump etc... that Ben Shapiro is then of the Jewish class trained to be White and therefore the Jewish sociopath who thinks they are White, keeps a pet Negro around, like David Axelrod did Obama?

Just for my preference I keep a pet dog which is normal, but this is about My Fellow White Shapiro and his type. The Wilks brothers apparently do not pay Ben enough to have a pet Negroid, but I did find a picture of Ben being petted by a Bruce Jenner without a cock, and he was getting a lesson from Ann Coulter in what she likes to do with a circumcised mic and Ben was quite interested in the shiksa's attention.

The problem is I noted that lesbian Ann Coulter's tits are flat when she is instructing  Fellow White Ben Shapiro, but she gets big hooters when she hangs around with Milo the pedophile promoting Jew.


I don't know what lactation in lesbians has to do with Fellow White Person's and lesbian tits, but Ben does not have what Milo brings to the Fellow White Person table.

This of course solves none of this mystery as there is Jewish pedo white person, Ben Shapiro white person, and in this sub group the affect they have on bottle blonde lesbian tit.

OH MY, Nom de Deus, it just occurred to me, the reason these Jews are all mad like Ben Shapiro going after Paul Nehlen is because they are auditioning as sassy boys and nasty girls. Ben wants to be Paul Nehlen's pet boy as the Wilks boys are not fulfilling the White need in Ben, even with all that money. No wonder Ben hangs around with lesbians and transvestites in he is saving himself, keeping himself pure, for the day when the Alt Right makes a pet out of him and it is official he is a Fellow White Person.

I just would appreciate if these Fellow White Person Jews would post pictures of their pet Negroids, as I think I might like looking at them as I do like looking at pictures of dogs. I just do not know how these Fellow White Jews get their pet Negroes. I mean do they set out a plate of fried chicken? Do they go to Chicago and hang out in gay bars like they did for Obama? Just what is the etiquette so one could get a Joe Biden, clean smelling Negro........then again maybe they hold out for the stinky ones as Michelle said Barack stunk bad.

Is why I prefer Setters.

Oh lastly, I once told a prominent democrat that I was Jewish and a minority and needed a job. The response I got was like I told them I had the plague. Them democrats hate them Jews, even if they keep them around for pets. I think that gal put my name down for the next cattle car holocaust trip for a front seat. So I can understand why My Fellow White Person's claim to be White as Congressional democrats won't hire a Jew.

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