Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Marco Rubio Demands Autistic Child Be Executed

 I want to kill that Jew Nikolas Cruz to get myself re elected

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Well sweaty little hands Marco Rubio has discovered his anti Semite biotch groove, as without psychological examination, court judgments and any facts concerning the psychological condition of Nikolas Cruz, the Jewish boy who was moved to shoot up his former school which murdered 17 people, Marco let loose with this bitch slap according to Rubio law.

Rubio Says the Florida Shooter Should Be Executed

Sorry, but I thought that America was a place of laws where even Nikolas Cruz is innocent until convicted or if he pleads guilty sentenced by the courts, where Marco Rubio has no place tainting an already impossible jury pool where this teenager who is said to have Autism, is being treated with psychological drugs which induce a percentage of people to go and shoot up schools, that there just might be circumstances where it would be criminal to execute someone or even make them face trial.
Nikolas Cruz just may be the exact mirror of John Hinkley who shot President Reagan and others, who was not tried, not executed, but was placed in clinical care for years, and in being effectively treated has proven to not be a threat to society.

In every instance of people being railroaded by the state,  I think of John Adams advocating for British soldiers, when no one else would. When you have families in Florida whose children were murdered, showing more restraint than Marco Rubio or the gang of five spewing hatred at Trump, the NRA and Americans, we have the reality that once again Americans are showing themselves superior in crisis, than these self appointed glory whore grabbing for power.

If a prescription drug influenced Nikolas Cruz to commit mass murder, than Nikolas Cruz is  not guilty of murder one, as he was under medical supervision and treatment.  Put it this way, if your doctor gives you a med for a headache and you drive home, and run over a family, you have been posting on Twitter that you hate, and it turns out the med shut down your "Do not do this thought process", do you want to be executed when it was someone else who drugged you and did not warn you of the side effects?
Maybe a drugging mandated by the state, that you either took those meds  or the state was going to arrest and commit you.

This is why there are courts and hopefully court appointed attorneys who will make certain that Nikolas Cruz has all legal process explored in his defense, as that is what each of you would hope for if you got yourself into this kind of deplorable situation.
Sort of like this photo which was stated was supposed to be Cruz, and all that was visible for the three large behinds blotting out the sun. Thankfully the Judge is gorgeous and hopefully she will be a Republican Conservative who Donald Trump will appoint to replace one of the treacherous John Roberts type and we all can appreciate the Supreme Court more.

I doubt Nikolas Cruz will have a fair trial. He was about to inherit almost a million dollars from his deceased parents, so he had things to live for.  It simply is a reality that America is moving to execute a Citizen not according to the law, but instead something which will be expedient.

It appears that the Blood Libel of Nikolas Cruz might be about ten gallons short for all the offerings reporters, politicians and the deep state need to paint the narrative red with this Autistic teenager's blood.

Broward Circuit Judge Elizabeth Scherer

Do a good job Babes and we will all want you on the Supreme Court and you can leave sweaty Marco behind.