Monday, February 26, 2018

Picking apart the HAARP Protocols for Radioactive Deflection and Containment

February 25.

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

As the Lame Cherry created the science of Forensic Psychology, it is a matter now that the Lame Cherry must create a new field in Forensic Weather Modification as no one else is explaining these realities of using HAARP to contain nuclear fall out in an attack upon the United States as NORAD has holes in it, according to Donald Trump reversals found by David  John Oates.

The last weeks of February 2018 AD in the year of our Lord produced some telling signatures, and as this is all reverse engineering as one witnesses weather streams, weather walls and weather blobs, as weather pressure systems have ceased, the Lame Cherry hypothesizes that either from reduced solar output or HAARP cooking of  the ionosphere too often for dense, that it appears that something has killed the earth's atmosphere in it's natural vortexes or spiral Lo and High pressure systems, and all that is left is HAARP modifiers attempting to dump enough moisture into areas to feed the world population.

The above NOAH gif is the day after a massive HAARP snow bomb was unleashed on the upper midwest., Notice it has DISAPPEARED 12 hours later which is impossible.
Literally where did this immense cloud mass go, as in these NOAH photos, there is a wall in Canada where no clouds are allowed.

Compare the two and note that the weather stream coming out of Texas after 9 days deluging Missouri to Pennsylvania, simply shifted 400 miles southeast. Remember ALL of this moisture for 9 days has been originating in desert Mexico and Texas, without Pacific or Gulf air flow.

February 24

What I desire for you to focus on is Washington state, as this is something which required backengineering, as when this all started, there was a massive stream of weather coming from San Fransisco to Quebec. An impossible situation except for HAARP. This was followed by the Texas to New York stream, which had a 3 state blob of moisture torn from it and placed over Minnesota. The San Francisco stream generated it's own blob to pile snow into Minnesota.
The Washington blob of moisture is vital, as it disappeared when the Texas to New York front was melded with in the  California stream.during the 24th, but reappeared on the 25th.

So you get the time line, the 22nd had a blob over Washington, the 23rd did too, but sometime on the 24th it disappeared and small bands of energy started out of California into the Nevadas and Rockies, but by the end of the 24th there was a line forming in Washington, and by the 25th the same blob reappeared. 

February 23

In all of the photos, one can see it is dry over the western United States again as in the drought last year. Something is there keeping moisture or weather from happening there. It is a huge dam. There is one weak spot in this, and that is over Washington state on the coast, a sort of doldrums as weather does not skirt around it, but just sits there in a pocket. It has to be unique in being a cold spot there to produce clouds. This cold spot though dissipates when energies are unleashed to pull energy out of that Texas moisture river. That means Washington warms in the upper atmosphere an the weak spot is over California as that is where this bubble of moisture flows into and is evaporated by the dry air over the basin.

In switching to the Texas stream, there is ZERO reason that line should have shifted 400 miles south as there was not a Canadian front to push it southeast. In fact, the winds after that snow bomb were blowing southwest very strongly, an not out of Canada.

This is all as on Star Trek when Captain Kirk said to Spock, "If you can not tell me what it is, then tell me what it isn't" There are clues in this and Washington is providing a clue of how these bubbles and bombs are working.
Into this is the NOAH proof that Canada has been  WARMING for a month, and yet without weather fronts coming out of Canada,  the upper United  States is colder than January as HAARP creates thermal inversions.
I mention this again that Minnesota was 40 degrees on Friday, dropped to 20 with no weather front from Canada, and then went 10 below by Saturday morning with dense fog, with this snow bomb being generated out in South Dakota. Immediately the temperature went to 20 degrees, and as of Sunday, the temperatures were in the 20's to 40's, even with snow cover. That is not Canadian air. That is HAARP flipping the atmosphere in cold and hot spots.
From the oddities in this last weather pattern, I do not conclude that HAARP is operating as a atmospheric heater alone. It appears that there is some type of pulse technology which is creating waves or bubbles which is displacing moisture.
By the cloud patterns, there is zero smoothness to this as the lines are all jagged. Gone are the Euclidean spirals of nature, as the effects look like the atmosphere is being torn like a cloth.

All this watering of America looks like a damned fire hose deluging people endlessly in 2000 mile streams of moisture like monsoons. American soils are not built for this nor are their plants, roads or property as America is a high desert, and the effects are pure misery on people, homes, property, wildlife and livestock.

This is amazing to watch the dead zones as over Minnesota where cloud bombs will sit for 24 hours, and as soon as they move off that region they fly out to the Atlantic almost 2000 miles away over night.

It is evident that New York state is an anchor point in all of this. As this is about the government generating these systems due to nuclear fallout in an attack, the regime seems to have concluded that a New York anchor point is the most feasible as this will preserve the other high population coastal zones on the eastern seaboard, but it is amazing to watch these blobs of energy go into overdrive heading out to the Atlantic and then having a deluge of moisture following, almost as if a person gets radioactive contaminated in an accident and gets a good hose down to wash the contamination away.

All one can do is keep reporting on this and gain insights into how this weather modification is being deployed, a the Mockingbird has shut down all notice of this, and as there are not any conspiracy nuts appearing on George Noury's Coast to Coast AM on these events, it points to  the regime is actively engaged in something which they do not want anyone  to notice.

As this part just got erased again, it stated that the question is it morally responsible as was in the 1950's  for some American states to become scorched earth so other pretty people could survive, and then lament that they cared about those  rural Americans afterwards from their ivory towers.


Yes children if we keep nuclear weather modification shielding secret
we don't have to wear masks and pretend you will survive.

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