Monday, February 26, 2018

Who really controlled Nikolas Cruz?

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

This post begins with another outstanding piece of research by Yiochi Shimatsu as posted on the Rense site concerning a coming deep state coup against Donald Trump on the March on Washington this coming March 25th. In reading Mr. Shimatsu's article, something leapt out at me and I thought, "Now this all adds up".

It was this quote which caught my attention:

The March for Our Lives, scheduled for March 24, is being promoted by the manipulative media as an youth initiative by five Parkland school “survivors” led by the son of Kevin Hogg, who is one of James Comey’s FBI agents. In fact, the actual permit holder for the upcoming Washington D.C. rally for gun control is not the Parkland students but instead Everytown for Gun Safety, a controversial lobby group, notorious for its inflated estimates of gun-related violence. 
 Now you are learning something of what this blog first noted in someone inside the democratic party establishment had put these angry children in Florida up to this march.  The focal point is Kevin Hoag, son of an FBI agent who was Comey and Mueller's protege.
They key to this is Everytown for Gun Safety, which is one of the many #NeverTrumper Michael Bloomberg front groups against the NRA.
Remember that Bloomberg is a liberal like all the GOP leadership, a billionaire, and is intent on making America Obama Communist Forever.

Now that you know the background of the Shimatsu revelation, remember in this that the Lame Cherry alerted you to the genesis of this on February 3rd when Michael Bloomberg's eye candy, Shannon Watts was promoting a connection between the NRA, Russians and Don jr, which was being floated out of Robert Mueller's witch hunt.

Do not celebrate the Nunes Memo just yet

 Look at my tits as you want the Action

This is a multiple level and multi faceted operation as the above inclusion of Florida reveals, as we have a Sheriff who was allowing a Jewish kid to not be taken into custody, his deputy who was warned Nikolas Cruz was a threat and did nothing, and then hid outside with 3 other deputies, all leading to the conclusion that Broward County wanted this to happen, just like the hanging chads in 2000 when Al Gore tried to steal the election from George W. Bush.

It makes sense now in why liberals George Clooney and Oprah Winfrey are conspirators in this funding this  Brat Pac with a million dollars, as all of this was a designed one two punch at neutralizing the NRA from the 2018 elections.
Watch this, as you were warned that Bloomberg had this leaked to them from Mueller early. Florida was the first punch. Dana Loesch and Donald Trump are doing gun owners no favors in this street fight, because  this is designed to indict the NRA as a Russian co accomplice and run this right up to Don jr. for the crippling blow.

This is the perfect storm, the perfect weaponization of children and how this has all been coordinated and hinted at before the Florida shooting, that violence was not just allowed to happen, but assisted to take place.

Something is off in all of this in the connections that Shimatsu has found with CHAI CHABAD HOUSE, of the Lubavitcher-Shomrim ultraOrthodox Jewish cult  with Nikolas Cruz being Jewish, found there after the shooting,  Ben Shapiro driving this and the ADL stoking this first against White Christian Gun Owners.

Chabad should sound familiar, because as the Bundy's were rotting in prison, Donald Trump handed out a pardon to one of their operatives who was running a forced labor slaughterhouse in Iowa.

Donald Trump commutes Sholom Rubashkin's sentence - The ...

Donald Trump commuted the sentence of Sholom Rubashkin, ... "This action is not a presidential pardon," the statement ... a member of the Chabad Lubavitch ...

Trump Pardons Barabbas

Yo mir farkoyfn slaves do aoyf di treyslen fun a hant, khazer produktn darfn
deyn khsime.

Yes we sell slaves here on the shake of a hand, pork products require
your signature.

There is now a definite link in this Florida shooting and it is this cult which the Kushner's lobbyied the President to commute the sentence of in federal slave trade crimes and now it is coming full circle as there are too many coincidences in this, as this is being bankrolled and rolling into DC on March 25th to rip the United States apart.

How Sholom Rubashkin's supporters got Trump to commute his ...

How Sholom Rubashkin's supporters got Trump to commute his sentence ... His son-in-law Jared Kushner and daughter, Ivanka, are Orthodox Jews, ...

This is a coordinated and funded intelligence operation. Leaks are coming out of Robert Mueller to assist it's planning and crimes are being assisted to take place in order to drive this agenda.

If not for Mr. Shimatsu uncovering the funding and the odd link of Jewish boy who said he hated Jews, but was found among Orthodox Jewry and was being treated by a Jewish psychiatrist all is vital information which is being denied the public in this deception, which reads like a rules for radicals from communist Jew, Saul Alinksy out of Chicago.

What is evident in this is Nikolas Cruz was triggered to this attack for the reason of the overthrow of America, and those behind it allowed children in Florida to be shot to drive this for the day of the marching children.

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