Saturday, February 24, 2018

Protecting Nikolas Cruz is Protecting You

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When 17 children and adults are murdered due to Broward County Sheriff's office being complicit in the slaughter by hiding outside, it is not the family's responsibility to protect the rights of Nikolas Cruz, as those rights belong to all Americans to never be infringed upon, because the family now has right to Justice in the courts, but those protections of rights, as when John Adams defended British soldiers in America, falls to the  community at large, because there will be people in that community who will be wrongly accused and they need those rights for the time that they are acquitted.

This is not about the guilt or innocence of Nikolas  Cruz, because he is innocent, until convicted by a Jury or a Judge in a court of law. This is about the golden  thread of everyone has rights and what some in the right are engaged in, while railing at CNN is shattering Constitutional Rights to a FAIR TRIAL.

Donald Trump is involved in this calling Nikolas Cruz a sicko.  Dana Loesch has unloaded on Cruz calling him a monster, and now Martin Walsh in defending these attacks castigates CNN for defending Cruz in these attacks.

Rather than call Cruz a “savage sicko” or a “monster,” apparently CNN would rather we call him “misunderstood.”

CNN's motives are political against Trump and the NRA, and neither Loesch nor Trump are doing the right any favors in ranting like this, but to Mr. Walsh, the Lame Cherry states, I would demand that Nikolas Cruz be called what he is, an Autistic teenager, who was on medications from the state of Florida, which removed from him the reasoning to say "NO", and Nikolas Cruz then went out to attack the institution of the school which banned  him, and the students who were accepted while he was rejected.
That is not a defense of Nikolas Cruz, but the reality and only in that reality with Justice be accomplished and these families will have closure  which is what these court actions are all about.

Where in this is Donald Trump, Dana Loesch or Martin Walsh castigating Ben Shapiro for throwing gasoline on this situation with the ADL  in smearing White Christians at the Alt Right in Shapiro's incendiary hit piece which was designed to cause more violence in these political wars which Shapiro began on Twitter against Paul Nehlen and the Alt Right there as Shapiro and the ADL stalk 4Chan for posts to smear a political group with?
There is a disgusting silence on the right in protecting Ben Shapiro which is equal to the disgusting cheers for those who are disrupting justice for the families of those murdered 17 people in Florida.

Nikolas Cruz needs treatment, and that treatment would include dietary treatment to bring his condition to a manageable state. He knows right from wrong, so the courts will lynch him legally, but inside his brain imbalance this orphan due to prescriptions did not any longer have the off switch to not attack people. For that Cruz should be institutionalized in one of Mr. Trumps myriad of new promised mental health clinics, which will probably be filled with gun owner and Christians in the next few years, but as Reagan emptied mental institutions, Donald Trump is now constructing a mental gulag.

See there are real issues in this and it begins with the Constitution in protecting Nikolas Cruz for the time when you are the one doped up and arrested and people you have never met are calling you a monster.

As a Christian Conservative this rhetoric from the President, the NRA and the right wing press does not speak for me, but only feeds the redneck stereotype of people on the Right in America and I reject it.

Donald Trump can find a voice for opiod epidemics, but when it comes to the doping of children legally in harming those children which causes school shootings, he can not name Goldman Sachs in Big Pharm as criminal conspirators.

There were 5 guns at that Florida school. 1 fired in Nikolas Cruz, but 4 from the Sheriff's office did not fire which had equal responsibility in the deaths of those 17 Americans. Nikolas Cruz though is the one focused on in the person with mental health problems, while the other 4 protected by the democratic party and Donald Trump, still have guns, still are being paid by taxpayers, and are still the same threat to the Florida community.
Donald Trump will not call out the cops, because Donald Trump wants that voting block and he needs their protection. That is not being a leader. That is providing cover for a criminal police state.

It is why Donald Trump rants on Twitter to distract attention from the real problems still out there, because Nikolas Cruz is not a threat anymore and never will be.

Nikolas Cruz has the right to justice as each of you have that same right, and it is justice which is protected, because justice protects everyone from wholesale legal lynching.

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