Saturday, February 24, 2018

Just an NRA Trump Warning

As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

If you do not remember a few weeks back the Lame Cherry broke the story of Michael Bloomberg gushing over the connection of the NRA to Russian influence in the 2016 elections, then you will not be surprised at the next Lame Cherry exclusive which defined the Florida massacre in weaponizing children, in the NRA was the real target to disrupt it's funding of Congressional candidates, and has nothing to do with gun control.
This is about the fulfillment of democrats taking both houses in the coming 2018 AD in the year of our Lord elections.

I would that people who are entrusted with the promotion of stories and links, would be warning all of you as this blog has attempted that the NRA leadership is leading it's members to an epic alienation from Americans.
Dana Loesch is now the porn spokesmodel of the NRA mic lynching Nikolas Cruz, a mentally dysfunctional orphaned child, in calling him a monster.
The progression of this is to search all of your medical files as Mr. President expands background checks to probe if your sleeping pills  makes you crazy or not to deny you your Constitutional Rights.

Just consider what you have been locked into now defending.

Taking rights away from 18 to 21 year olds.
Outright banning of firearm parts without any regulation.
Ending trial by jury and advocating lynching by media.
Making the face of gun owners that of Twitter ranting reactionaries.

Where did Dana Loesch go, but to CNN to which was a degradation not of peaceful assembly, but lynch mob threats. This all conditions people to accept this kind of anarchy and the NRA leadership promoted this platform.

And who appears by the CIA #NeverTrumper Mona Charen trashing Donald Trump and Marine LePenn as rascists, Nazis, sex maniacs and wife beaters, with the crowning Mockingbird CPAC condemnation, which just cheered Ben Shapiro in his verbal assaults on the Alt Right and White Christians at the Daily Wire, unleashed on the innocent Judge Roy Moore as a pedophile.  National Review as it did in 2016 for the deep state just cemented every stereotype against the American Right.

Sunday Show Preview ALERT: Dana Loesch to Appear on ABC’s ‘This Week’

 The NRA has now been positioned, from inside that organization, just as Donald Trump has positioned the Right Wing for a political collapse from which it will never recover.

The NRA that Harlon Carter and Ronald Reagan built has been deep state positioned where the membership is alienated and it is alienating Americans in it's in your face Trumpian misbehavior. Those who are cheering this are missing the dangers in this, in the NRA is now out on a limb, this is coordinated as the Nazi conglomerates are withdrawing funding, which flows to Republicans. This is an extension of the original Russiagate dossier in intent, and what happens with the NRA on limb by it's own crawl that Robert Mueller cuts that limb off, and in Russian collusion indictments the NRA is placed into receivership to be disbanded.

List: Companies dropping NRA partnerships after Florida shooting

As you are now seeing this in the correct perspective. The Lame Cherry told you this weeks ago and warned you, and still you need it pointed out to you, and worse yet Donald Trump is John Kelly's deep state DIA politician on a leash. Mr. President keeps creating the disaster either deliberate or ignorant, he joined in destroying the innocent Roy Moore to save him from a primary to the current betrayal of the base in his anti gun mandates.

Robert Mueller unleashes one series of indictments against the NRA in this cycle and the NRA will be taken down.

This is not about Donald Trump squandering the gun lobby, Christians, women, 95 million unemployed Americans, this is about your voting coalition being deliberately shattered and no one will ever put this together again.

Once again another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.