Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Russian Mud

American M1 Abrams like the German Panzer

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The following is an assessment which Donald Trump writes out debt checks to the US military of a trillion dollars a year, and yet none of this information is ever noted in this in Obama loots the Treasury for social conglomerate kickbacks for 8 years by gutting the military and then some GOPer shows up and increases spending to loot the Treasury for the military the next 8 years.

This is not about the US Treasury being looted, but about a historical examination, now that Donald Trump is pouring US M1 Abrams  Tanks into Poland for the defeat of Russia and Vladimir Putin in this war which the cartel has been pushing in Europe.

In examining the historical details of the German Eastern Front of World War II, the Germans clobbered everyone. The only General who ever  beat the Germans daily was General George S. Patton of the US 3rd Army.
Most of the propaganda about Adolf Hitler has the generals blaming him, for the same military plans they were putting forward. It was not the military plans of the Germans which failed, but it was attrition, not brought on by warfare, but by the rasputitsa, or the Russian Deep Winter. In Russia the rains, ice and snow come about the second week of October. It turns dry oily clay soil into muck, like American Gumbo. One sinks up to their knees, axles or bellies in this muck, and movement is impossible with ordinary transportation.

The German Panzer which had a narrow track suffered in this and burned fuel along with wearing engines out in this muck. The American inspired Russian T 38 tank had a wider track and could maneuver better.
The German Blitz was effective, until it got literally stuck in  the mud which gave Russian production time to produce 1000 T 38's to Germany's 380 per month. The point being in this, that if the Germans in 1930 had someone whisper in their ear in tank production to make their tank tracks wide for the Russian clay, the Germans would have smashed through to Moscow and to the Urals where Stalin would be hiding, before the freeze up came.
Freeze up in Russia is 20 to 60 below zero, and that makes attrition on machine and men.

That is what would have made all the difference for the Germans is half tracks and wider tank tracks for transporting goods, and tanks to prosecute the war. It was that simple and all other explanations are an excuse, and ignorance of what the real Eastern Front was.

The Lame Cherry's reason for this examination is Donald Trump's pouring in on Obama policy of M 1 tanks into Poland for NATO as their main tank.  If one notes in the above photo, the Abrams gets stuck in the mud.
See the Germans did just fine in desert sand and other conditions, just as the Americans have with the M 1. The problem is the Russian muskeg in that mud of the rasputitsa. If NATO attacks Moscow, the American tanks will be killed just like the Germans were. If Moscow attacks Europe, and the eventual push back of the Russian spears takes place, then the Abrams which follow to Russia, if Mr. Putin plans this correctly, will appear in Russia to be destroyed by Russian autumn or spring muds.

This is the reality of the  non glamorous things of war, as everyone likes F 35 jets and 50 caliber sniper rifles, but it ALL comes down to the quartermaster and mud. It is all about supply and it is all about keeping an army moving in the mud. America suffers from too long of supply lines which are vulnerable and America according to the above  photo has it's main battle tank which gets stuck in the mud, and Russia has a great deal of mud, which sticks to tanks like glue and supply columns which break up roads and get into that mud.

Expensive and complicated toys like helicopters and stealth jets are wonders, until they wear out in a few weeks or take hits that put them down. Then it grinds to the horror of blood and mud on the ground, and when the mud comes for your tanks and supply columns, it becomes the horror of the infantryman being picked off by partisans to walking around in 500 mud covered boots, eating mud, and dying like Napoleon's French did, as attrition is what got that grand army in Moscow too.

Once that takes place, the native peoples always win and the invaders always lose.

The Americans trust too much in air power and malfunctioning technical designs, with too much Chinese software to shut down. Negate that by attrition, and it  become a war of the heavy munitions, and Russia checkmates that with it's mud, as it did Napoleon and Hitler.

Those are the realities of Russian combat. It is freeze to death cold and it is embalming mud. If the M 1 Abrams is incapable of handling the rasputitsa, it is the progression of what Adolf Hitler stated in the master race of the Russians will rule to the Brittany Coast.

Mr. President has probably never asked about this in his DC parades or his war assessments, as none of his conglomerate political officers have any experience with Russian mud. This is something that Americans appear  to not  be prepared for in their saber rattling while lusting for Moscow gold.

All public information if one just has the intelligence to examine the facts.

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