Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Wolf Hall Deleted Scenes

Thomas when I run out of beheading wives, I will have to behead you


As another Lame Cherry exclusive in matter anti matter.

David very kindly shared with me the links he discovered in deleted scenes and the soundtrack from Wolf Hall, the British drama concerning the life of adviser Thomas Cromwell in association with King Henry VIII portrayed by Mark Rylance who is outstanding along with the always exceptional work of Damien Lewis.

When one compares a Wolf Hall to the incessant fixation on sodomy in series of Downton Abby and the absolutely ludicrous Victoria, where if memory serves as it just finished this season, we had a leftist list of fiction focusing on Pet Negroes by the Queen, the Queen's servants were raging sodomites and Albert was a bastard which legitimizes the current royals.
Serializing Victoria into a soap opera in making her about as welcome as a pile of dog poo, serves no purpose.

If the leftists in England want to be rid of the monarchs, they should change the Constitution and behead the lot, instead of this electronic guillotine in every series which makes past monarchs all as repulsive as Prince Charles and Camilla.
I find loaf head and the commoner Kate feckless, but they at least have the appearance of how royals should behave, compared to Harry an his Afroid from America trashing the United States.

It is why I enjoy strong performances of good English drama, not scripted like Harvey Weinstein needs a blow job. Wolf Hall is a good drama and I am pleased to be able to share this as Mark  Rylance carries the series completely, as John Thaw carried Inspector Morse for decades as those two actors exceeded Olivier and Burton a hundred fold. 

 It is my intention to write more of English performances as things begin to get sorted out. I actually wrote a short story, which has me considering the attempt to write a dozen type stories perhaps for publication.

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