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Sodomite Serials

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The current propaganda is that Obama's Rainbow Deviants are all a thing of sugar and spice. This post is about three Texas sodomites, homosexuals, gay males, pedophiles who carried out a spree of thee most heinous, series of murders in world history in Houston, Texas.

In all of this, 28 boys were kidnapped, bound, tortured, raped and murdered which were confirmed, and the number could be higher.

Dean Corll

1970 - 1973 28 28+ Killed by accomplice Elmer Wayne Henley Crimes referred to as the "Houston Mass Murders"

Wiki provides enough of the details of the Candy Men, so those profiles are included.

Dean Arnold Corll  (December 24, 1939 – August 8, 1973) was an American serial killer who, along with teenaged accomplices David Brooks and Elmer Wayne Henley, Jr., abducted, raped, tortured, and murdered at least 28 boys in a series of killings spanning from 1970 to 1973 in Houston, Texas. The crimes, which became known as the Houston Mass Murders, came to light after Henley fatally shot Corll.
Corll's victims were typically lured to a succession of addresses in which he resided between 1970 and 1973 with an offer of a party or a lift. They would then be restrained by either force or deception, and all were killed by either strangulation or shooting with a .22-caliber pistol. Corll and his accomplices buried 17 of their victims in a rented boat shed; four other victims were buried in woodland near Lake Sam Rayburn; one further victim was buried on a beach in Jefferson County; and at least six victims were buried on a beach on the Bolivar Peninsula.
Corll was also known as the Candy Man and the Pied Piper, because he and his family had owned and operated a candy factory in Houston Heights, and he had been known to give free candy to local children.
At the time of their discovery, the Houston Mass Murders were considered the worst example of serial murder in American history.

Elmer Wayne Henley Jr. (born May 9, 1956) is a convicted American serial killer, incarcerated in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) system. Henley was convicted in 1974 for his role in a series of murders in Houston, Texas, between 1970 and 1973 in which a minimum of 28 teenage boys were abducted, tortured, raped and murdered by Dean Corll. Many of the victims were lured to Corll's home by Henley or Corll's other teenage accomplice, David Brooks. Corll was shot dead by Henley, then 17 years old,on August 8, 1973.
Henley is serving six consecutive life terms for his involvement in what came to be known as the Houston Mass Murders, which at the time were characterized as "the deadliest case of serial murders in American history"

This is probably the first time you have ever heard of any of this and yet it has been in public files and before the public for years. The information though was censored, it was covered up, as you witness endless Hollywood glorification of white males murdering women to reinforce a stereotype, but never any movies or features of the known worst butchers of boys in America or the world.

Homosexual pedophiles.

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